Comments From the Other Side - BONUS Lakers at Grizzlies

Today we get a double dip of Comments.  First up are some comments from the Lakers boards after they just lost their 3rd in a row.  There's trouble in La La land.   It cracks me up when Lakers fans complain about not getting calls after the refs practically gift wrapped the championship for them last year.  Any bad calls they get are just make up calls.  And it's amazing that all their problems are because their center and back up center are out.  Uh.... Last I looked, the Celtics center and back up centers are out too, along with a key wing off the bench. And the guy who lost respect for Artest is surprising, simply because he had any respect for the guy in the first place...   I hope you enjoy another BONUS edition of Comments from the Other Side....

Our game plan for this game should be pretty much the same as the pacers game. They're very similar teams. Build a nice, comfortable lead/try to finish the game we can rest the starters.

We should handily beat the Grizzlies.

The Lakers will destroy the Grizzlies. They are mad right now and when they get mad the games tend to turn ugly for the opposition.

Crazy. Rudy blocked Kobe twice already.

You know Kobe is getting old when he is getting blocked by punk like gay.

Don't like what I'm seeing from Kobe this season at all. He's shooting entirely too much and forcing his offense. As if 6 shots in 6 minutes wasn't enough, he bitches to Fisher and Gasol for not getting him the ball on that last play.

Kobe ain't waiting around tonight to find out who's conditioned to play big minutes besides him.

Whats up with Pau lately. Just playing terribly.

Phil is playing him way too many minutes

Wonder when they will decide to play defense this year

I dont know if any of you guys are watching the game from Memphis fsn but I hate this guys they are such a homers every call is wrong same sh.t every year.

How is that a foul

Oh please these refs are ridiculous.

The refs are not the problem. We shot 10 more FT's than Memphis.

Once again, Kobe is feeling it

2 in a row. Kobe beginning to chuck

Kobe pass the damn ball

Someone find Pau's defense please.

I'll be honest: I'm kind of sick of seeing Pau on the court right now.

Out of all the superstars in the league Kobe probably has the worst shot selection.

I have never seen a HoF, who spend 15 seasons with his team, brought them 5 titles and countless great moments and who were criticized as much as Kobe. For every little thing he does. Magic is lucky the Internet wasn't around when he played.

Pau needs to man up and demand the ball.

Yeah. He is playing like a girl in summer camp. Not even like a girl in WNBA.

Kobe has missed his last 9 shots.

And if we lose - people will blame Kobe.


Phil seriously needs to consider benching Ron. He is playing terrible.

Wow. Just wow. I can totally understand Kobe now. I wouldn't pass to these knuckleheads either. One plays dumb. One plays feminine. One can't stop fouling. And one can't call timeout and put Barnes and Blake in.

Keep on jacking them up Kobe, get to 20 misses in a row if you try hard enough

And Kobe is also in his usual "I don't defend scrubs" mode too.

Artest is garbage.

3 losses in a row already WOW!!!!! This is ridiculous

Celtics are able to do just fine right now the spurs are able to do wel even the mavs are doin welll WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US?????

Our best big is exhausted. Our second best is not playing. We have no inside-outside game because of that.

That's why 3-peating is so hard. Complacency settles in after 2. Pau has caught Shaq-itis. He doesn't want to play D or fight for anything.

Conley is straight up owning Fisher.

Derek Fisher: King of the Pointless Double Team.

The fact that we remain in games despite playing like utter crap time and time again is a testament to how good this team really is.

Or how bad that team really is.

Pau with no energy playing way to minutes. Fisher sucks as always. Kobe decides to finally join in the game and do something, gets bailed out a few times by the refs and does nothing else including defend anything. This team looks like crap.

I lost a lot of respect for Ron Artest. A lot

I just don't understand... Why would no one call the TO? Kobe? Ron? Phil? Nope, no one.

Yeah, Phil we get it. You don't like calling timeouts. But how about this, the game is on the line and we can win it if we draw up a play. Nope. Ron chucks it.

Sometimes I think PJ forbids his players to call a TO in the crunch time. Maybe he really does.

Oh my god why are we the only team that never calls a time out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a surprise another gm another PG torching them and wtf why can't we call a dam TO, its not like you can take it with you to the next freakin gm

3 in a row. Phil will not be happy. It's all on the missing Bynum. I don't think he has the heart and the fire to make it in the NBA. We are going to suffer because Gasol/Odom will get burned out or injured. This is on you Jerry Buss keeping your pet project Bynum who is now a major liability. Please trade him while you can get a replacememt. He's still getting paid! We lose again for 3 in a row. I'm glad this is happening early in the season so everyone can see what the problem is now.

Fisher's "defense"+Pau's femininity+Kobe's chucking+Ron Artest touching the ball at the end of games=Awful basketball.

Nows the time to secure home court. Had a bunch of home games and the least amount of back to backs and already a couple losing streaks, a tired Pau and a no heart defense.

Ron is getting dumber and dumber as the season goes on

I don't feel that getting Bynum back officially makes us a 'scary team' to face when our decision making (shot selections, coaching decisions and substitutions, etc) is horrendous Imo.

Missing our center and back up center takes its toll.

I think the best way to settle the Lakers current slump is to FIRE SPOELSTRA