Comments From the Other Side - Cavaliers 11/30

Cavs fans are totally focused on the Heat game.  They wanted to beat the Celtics because it would give them momentum going into that game.  I really didn't blame Cavs fans for complaining about the officials.  There were some pretty bad calls, most of which favored the Celtics.  But then again there were some times when the Celtics got mugged with no call either.  But, that foul they gave Rondo where he shot 3 free throws was ridiculous.  Rondo actually initiated the contact and then tossed up the ball after the whistle. After what LeBron did to them, I find it hard to dislike Cleveland but still happy to beat them handily.  Now, I can root for them on Thursday.   Enjoy today's double dip of Comments from the Other Side....

Can't wait to see the Mo-Rondo matchup we missed in the opener.

I'm hoping the JJ of game one shows up again tonight.

I'm not really liking our chances here. Boston will be ready after we beat them last time and I doubt the team will be as fired up.

If I was putting money on this game I'd pick Boston.

The Celtics in my opinion are the 2nd best team in the NBA and if focused will beat the Cavs. However, it's not exactly easy for a team of Boston's caliber to get up for a team like Cleveland. I'm guessing a close first half with Boston pulling away in the 2nd half.

Rondo is still banged up and JO'Neal and DWest are out. I think this is a good chance of beating them being shorthanded. If the team is focused they could make a huge statement this week by beating Boston and Miami. Now if they're looking ahead to Thursday they could get ran out of the building.

If we fall too far behind by the 3rd, I wouldn't object to just throwing in the towel(just this one time) and rest up for Thursday.

I hope we can pull this out.. It will carry a ton of momentum in our favor en-route to the Heat game.

If we run we can win, if we play slow we'll get killed.

If there’s such a thing as a “trap game” against a top team, this would be it. Forget the won’t-look-ahead talk; will be shocked if the Cavs are up for a fierce effort tonight. Best chance is if Boston is real flat.

Gotta like the pace--Cavs playing their speed early on

Anderson Varejao is incredible. He should only be dealt for a high first AND a young prospect. Invaluable.

Jamison just looks....sad. His game and his demeanor. Like he doesn't care

Rondo is killing us

Rondo making sessions look like a fool...geez

Sessions getting beat like a stepchild guarding Rondo out there.

Did they just call a foul on Boobie with 1 tenth of a second? The refs are pro Boston tonight.

The foul call was a travesty in itself, but a shooting foul? What a joke. I guess we know who Stern wants to win this one.

Insane. After LeBron left I stopped hating Boston and began to admire their play. I don't like them again. What a retarded act + foul call.

Ummm….what was that? C’mon Dick B that’s bushleague

Its the Celtics we are talking about Bushleague is allowed for them

What a horrible call. Ball dont lie. At least for 2 out of three.

They owe us a bailout call.

Here we go with the no calls again

We are not gonna get calls ever..not last season not this season..not next season..we need firepower and defense...iggy now!

Hahahaha.... The number 86 guy reminds me of a high school bench-warmer

Did Shaq get fatter since he left us?

Please get Sessions out of the damn game. He's screwing up on offense and defense. Now he's letting TinyNate heat up.

Boston is too tight defensively in their paint. Need our long-ranged guns working or start drawing more fouls P.S. Rondo’s a BITCH

The Celtics need to quit complaining about the calls they do get. This ain't Toronto lol.

That Daniels guy has been playing pretty well for the Celtics this year.

Why is Sessions still in the game? Please sit him and his no playing defense, turnover prone, self...

God I hate when we let not good players score on us...first Keyon Dooling, now Marquis Daniels?

Celtics are posting two guys at center court sometimes when we are starting our offensive drive. Need to start out hustling these old farts, we have so much more speed to burn than they do. I still would have liked to re-sign Shaq. Our defense is thin on muscle.

Cavs are going to need to make some serious adjustments in the second half. Lucky to have this thing where it is.

OK down 11, got em right where we want em.

I can’t remember the last time the Cavs were a good 3rd quarter team.

This game is as good as over..... Down 11, we will win by 5.
Mark it on your calenders.....

Points in the paint...
Celtic's 38
Cav's 12

Other then Lebron, Paul Pierce gets under my skin more then any other player. Thug.

I don't know why you guys are sweating it.... This game is "W"....

Those gold shoes JJ's wearing needs to be taken off his feet. They seem to have him glued to the court. That or he's waiting for a camera to take some pics of the Celtics as they make it to the rim.

Obvious foul on AV by big baby wtf ref

Chalk that exchange up to Stern's orders from headquarters.

I hate Dick Bavetta... They're not giving us any calls tonight. Clear fouls going uncalled.

This defense sucks. Boston getting everything in the paint. We're nothing but a jump shooting team. Guys need to step the hell up and play with some heart.

How can we blame the refs when the Cavs can't make a shot and the Celtics have completely dictated the pace of the game?

I'm not saying they're lucky, but they're getting every call and every bounce

Dam, it's tough watching the Cav's

The Cavs awful shooting is why we're down by so much, but now the Cavs are scared to play solid D because one touch, one wayward look, one twitch and there's a foul. The Rondo FTs at the end of the 1st, the ticky tacky calls on Mo, KG vs. Joey, they've slowed down our pace and made us scared to play lockdown D that's been shown.

Celtics just have too much talent for us.

Guys, the Celtics are really good. No shame in losing to the Celtics. Wait til Thursday. Gonna get ugly.

I won't blame the refs for this OR Orlando... But we haven't been getting calls at all. David Stern hates the Cavaliers.

The Cavs big men are getting hacked around the rim every single time they have it down there.

The Celtics normally play up/down to their opponents. For us to get blown out at home is pretty pathetic.

We have no muscle. Like watching high schoolers play against an NBA team.

Down 15 after three. Gross.

These refs are terrible tonight. How was that a charge on Boobie while Rondo is moving the entire time? Horrible reffing tonight.

Bavetta has money on the C's. How do you give Boston a timeout while the ball is loose?

I can count at least 5 times Andy has gotten fouled blatantly in the paint with no call, yet somehow if any Boston player is slightly brushed up against by a Cav, they get shots.

It's an unsaid rule in NBA refereeing: when a team can't make a field goal and the other team is dictating everything with blocked shots and great defensive hustle, you don't bail them out with free throws. I'm not saying it's right... it's just how it's been for the past five years or so.

The Celtics have shown all the aggression, are actually making shots, and generally play legal defense 95% of the time. Referees tend to look past the other 5% when one team is dominating the other in every phase of the game. Claiming the 5% of missed calls killed the Cavaliers effort is faulted logic, because the way you win in the NBA is the other way around.

The Cavs aren't playing well enough to win. They are too careless with the ball and take bad shots. However, the deficit would be half of what it is if the game was officiated fairly.

That was certainly an awful call. Getting use to it

I hate bitching about refs and fouls... But these last few games have been horrendously one-sided

This team looks like they just met 6 minutes before tip off. In all honesty, Gibson, Mo and Andy are the only guys on this team worth a damn.

God please dont let us play like this on Thursday...

What fascinating analysis - not letting Rondo dominate = GOOD

In all seriousness, is this what the Princeton offense is suppose to look like?

I thought it was a lot of motion but it looks like the LeBron offense minus LeBron...a real bad version at that.

Byron Scott only knows how to talk a good game. Historically his teams have been VERY poor offensively, and these Cavs are the least talented team he's ever coached. You won't see much besides a lot of high screen-n-roll in the half-court from him.

His is pathetic... We would still lose but it would be a hell of a lot more respectable with fair calls, we are getting hammered and no calls, he brush them and it practically a flagrant foul

Just beat Miami every time and lose the rest of the games

One things for sure Everyone in the nba (except some heat fans) wants to see the cavs get a shot at beating the heat in the playoffs.

Heat fans are actually so arrogant and ridiculous that they think they won't have any trouble beating us.

At least more people are in the stands now than any Miami heat game

The Cavs are either real bad or real good. Tonight the lack of passion was evident. I don't know why but they didn't want to be there tonight.
Besides Boston game 1, at what point have the Cavs been "reall good?" A buzzer-beater to beat a now 6-11 Milwaukee team, at home, missing its best player maybe?

We MUST beat the heat. Our entire team needs to show up, and yes that means you too JJ. He and Varejao could dominate on the inside against Miami, and it is one of the few games where together they have more talent than the opposing frontline.

Bosh isn't great, but I'm fairly sure JJ can't dominate him.

Look.. The Cavs suck but for the most part still play hard.... Tonight they didn't.. We didn't lose this one by 30 so I'll take this as a moral victory...

Pretty bad loss tonight, outside of the first quarter it wasn't much fun to watch at all.

Celtics the real beast in the east! To bad LeWhine!