Comments From the Other Side - Bobcats 12/11

Bobcats fans are pretty much a depressed bunch.  They have some hope of maybe getting Melo but not much to cheer for on this current team.  Even though they have a Hall of Fame coach, they very much want him gone.  Much of the chat in some of the threads was about how they could get Melo and they pretty much gave up on the game.   I love it how in a lot of arenas there are as many Celtics fans as there are home fans.   There seemed to be more dislike for their own players than for the Celtics.  Enjoy....

I don't know why I just thought about this (I may have repressed it)
But it just dawned on me that Ray Allen will be getting clean passes from Rondo around the perimeter all night long. * checking the fridge for alcohol supply *

Please God, don't let Rajon Rondo destroy D.J

Rondo is good, but I think over rated

14 assists a game rates pretty damn high in my book

Does anyone else have a REALLY uncomfortable feeling about tonight's game?

They've only won their last 9 in a row...they are due for a loss, and we are due for all of our players playing in unison. Ok...dream over.

The question is, do we lose by 30 or not.

That's plenty of LB pictures. Where did you got them?

I just Googled "cranky old bastard who's best coaching years are well past him and who checked out over the summer and shouldn't have come into the season as head coach" and these are what came up.

I unfortunately have the Boston feed - which means that one eyed Celtics tool bag announcer all night.

Was KG just asking the ref to smell his arm pit?

A point guard like Steve Nash would put up crazy numbers with that offense too

"A point guard like Steve Nash" Not exactly lowering the bar, there

Is this TD garden or cable box? There are so many people cheering for the Celtics. Are we that bad?

KG, with his flapping gums, looks like one of those players you just end up punching.

Have obviously never met this Celtics tool bag announcer but I'm not sure I have ever wanted to reverse chop someone to the throat as much as I want to reverse chop him to the throat.

Tommy Heinsohn? He was a 19/9 player back in the day.

Really???? If he ran his mouth on the court anything like the way he runs his mouth in the announcers chair he would have made Gary Payton seem like Marcel Marceau.

Kwame has veeeery bad hands

DJ needs more minutes, and Livingston needs less. So why does it feel like the trend is going in the opposite direction? Just leave, LB. And take Wallace with you.

Somebody needs to check that backboard, the amount of bricks these punk kids have been throwing its sure to be damaged.

Najera seems like the kind of guy who might punch KG in the mouth. If he does, he becomes immortal in my eyes.

Seems like the Box is the Celts home away from home with the support they have tonight.

First team to 60 wins?

Why do we still have 23 points?

Cause this team Is one of the worst teams in the NBA

Classic Big Baby flop

32 points in half? What an awfense!
Kwame Brown NEeds Garnett's tenacity

This team needs Garnett's tenacity

LOL Diaw was too fat for Jesus Shuttlesworth to pass around

I love watching the offense when Jack and Diaw aren't getting any touches. A beautiful thing to watch.

They are handing tech's for everything this year, but after that travel call it was ok for Rondo to kick the ball away. Granted it was a soft kick but the ref still had to run and grab it.

Sad thing is,
It’s not like Boston is playing awesome tonight

Rajon Rondo with the first 5x5 since 2006
7 pts 5 reb 8 ast 5 stls 6 TOs

So today's rotation has really just left me confused

It’s the same as it’s always been. Keep those with the potential to explode on offense planted firmly on the bench. Play the guys with a ceiling so low that their head has already crashed through the roof. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Marquis Daniels with the tip-in to make it 74-53 Cue Steve: “That’s the killer.”
Yes, that shot was the killer. Right.

Fire LB

Why cant he just retire and write an autobiography and die like most other old famous people.

This team is uglier than my mother in law

Nate Robinson with a "dagger" to a corpse long since writhe with rigomortis

Jordan is probably pissed and embarrassed which means somebody is gonna get the business
I still say the Bobcats will turn it around, I think this might be the final straw that leads to Tyrus starting, I expect DJ to comeback and play much better after this

By the way, the boss has left early......

Probably rigging the locker room with strategically placed C4

I think it bears repeating 92-59 against Boston last year
93-62 against Boston this year At this rate, my children will be senile by the time we make it a competitive game against the Celtics.

Boston is a better team, but the Bobcats played scared tonight
Like they were completely intimidated by this team, or like they gave up.

The Celtics bench is destroying us at home.

Just got home and guessed we lost by 50
Imagine my joy that we just lost by 31