24 Hour Sale: Sam Jones T-shirt $9.99

Following in the footsteps of our very successful Black Friday Grand Theft Rondo $9.99 deal and our one day Scal HOPE $9.99 deal, today we will provide the last of our holiday deals with Game 7's "Sam Jones" t-shirts being on sale for only $9.99.  This sale will end on Friday at 12:30 PM EST. 

These shirts were given by Sam himself as a gift to the Celtics players last Spring as motivation during their exciting play-off run. This would make a great gift for the holidays for either a celtics fan that knows their history or for yourself. Wear what Paul, Ray, Rondo, and KG wear. 

Sam Jones T-Shirt *US Shipping only.  *Shirts ship next day.

24 hour sale is now over. Thanks.

Here's a little more info on Sam Jones from Game 7's website:
Sam Jones played on 10 NBA championship teams and was named as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Jones had a perfect 9-0 record in Game 7s. He averaged 27.1 points in those elimination games, including a Game 7-record 47 points in the 1963 East Finals.
"Sam Jones has a champion's heart. On the court he always had something in reserve. You think he’d been squeezed of his last drop of strength and cunning, but if you looked closely, you’d see him coming up with something else he’d tucked away out of sight. His presence gave me comfort in key games. Under pressure, we had hidden on our team a class superstar of the highest caliber. In the seventh game of a championship series, I'll take Sam over any player who’s ever walked on a court." -Bill Russell