Doc: Vets could simply be bored of the regular season

Mentioning this is very honest on Doc's part. To anyone that has watched the majority of the games this season and last, we know it's more than just a possibility. It simply is what it is. the C's are a veteran team that checks in and out in the regular season, hoping to save themselves and be fresh for the playoffs. If they were a bunch of 23 year olds, they could go all out for 82 games, try and win as many games as possible, and still be fresh for the playoffs. My opinion is I'd rather have the veterans half ass it during the regular season and give us great playoff basketball in the Spring than win as many games as possible and break down along the way.

Some people have argued that if we had Game 7 in Boston last year, we'd have the title. I'd counter that if we had gotten enough wins for home court we wouldn't have had enough in the tank to make it to the Finals. And actually up until the Perkins injury we had that title. The veteran team recipe for post season success worked perfectly last year. It was a young player (Perk) that suffered an injury. But I'm just one voice. What's your view?