Rondo wants to avoid Kenny Anderson comparisons

If you were following basketball in the 90's you'll recall the whole whoas me story during the previous NBA lockout when Kenny Anderson worried aloud about how he would manage to make payments for his fleet of cars. Well current Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is being much more proactive regarding what some see as an inevitable lockout after this season. Check out the video after the jump (and listen carefully).

The David Stern bit is funny too. Personally I love Rondo's dry sarcastic wit. I prefer it over others' more physical humor (Glen Davis for example always seems to be trying just a little bit too hard. Shaq too). I loved a few weeks ago when asked how he got a cut on his hand Rondo said it was from moving boxes and then mumbled that he just got evicted. Many think Rondo is super serious, but he seems to have a solid sense of humor in my opinion. It's just different.

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