Random Thoughts Between Games 3 and 4

The Celtics have something special in Rajon Rondo.  His performance on Friday set an NBA record for the most assists ever in a triple double.  Danny definitely has an eye for talent.  To think 20 other teams passed on him including the Suns, who made the pick and sold it.  The Suns signed Marcus Banks later that off season.  Think they'd like to have that pick back??   Rondo is definitely a talent and before it's said and done, he's going to be one of the best ever.

A few final thoughts on the fight between Von Wafer and Delonte West.   First, fights happen between teammates all the time. It's not a big deal and for the most part, we never hear about it.  I found this report from the Pioneer Press about a fight involving our own Kevin Garnett when he was with the Timberwolves.
At an informal workout the other day at Target Center, after Timberwolves rookie Rick Rickert made a nifty move to slip past his boyhood idol, Kevin Garnett of the Wolves, to score a basket, Garnett responded, without warning, by punching Rickert in the jaw.

A cut required seven stitches to close, and Rickert also suffered a chipped tooth. The astonished 6-10 Rickert didn't retaliate against the 7-foot NBA most valuable player, who also had unkind words for the former Gophers player. Apparently, the rookie wasn't supposed to score on the MVP. Rickert received his stitches at University of Minnesota Hospital.
Like I said, these things happen all the time.  I imagine this one got out because the recipient of the punch required stitches.  From what I am reading, the altercation between West and Wafer was blown way out of proportion and many of the details leaked weren't even accurate.   In the end, the biggest infraction in this whole thing may have been leaking the incident to the media and not the fight itself.

Whatever happened,  West and Wafer, along with the rest of the team, have moved past it.  Here is a quote from Delonte on how they have moved past the fight.
"We're competitive guys," he said. "I read the reports and a lot of things were taken out of context, or facts were made up that were not true with how things played out. Guys get into scuffles, or whatever you want to call them. At the end of the day, we're like brothers in here. We had a big laugh about it today with the help of [Shaquille O'Neal] and [Kevin Garnett]. At the end of the day, we're trying to win. We're competitive -- fiery guys in here -- but you gotta move on. We're focused on the next game, the next challenge."
When reading Danny's reaction and Gary Washburn's article in the Globe about the aftermath of the scuffle, it seems that the team wasn't near as upset about the fight as they were about the fact that details of the fight were leaked.  And, according to Danny, those details were inaccurate and appeared to be skewed against Delonte.   Breaching the team's privacy seems to me more of a no-no than the fight.  Hopefully they truly are past this and the team will be even closer because of it.

In reading the comments on the Knicks boards, it seems they aren't very pleased with Bill Walker.  There is no doubt that Walker has talent and is athletic, but apparently he isn't using it to the fullest.  Nate has become a very big part of the Celtics rotation while Eddie has moved on to another team and Walker is disappointing in NY.  I'd say the Celtics got the better part of that trade. 

I'm a bit concerned that Doc is already over-playing the starters.  Maybe the fact that Delonte and Bradley aren't available and that may make a difference, but still Rondo, Ray and Paul have been playing big minutes and they have been giving up leads in the 4th quarters again.  Hopefully as the Boston Bench Mob develops their chemistry and identity, they will take on more of the load and Doc will rest Rondo, Paul and Ray more and they will be fresher in the 4th quarter.

I get so tired of reading how old the Celtics are.  We have 5 players 30 and over on the team.  The rest are younger.  We have a  nice mix of veterans and youth and the team is deep.   Ray, Paul and KG all take exceptional care of themselves and are in great shape.   Once Delonte comes back and Doc gets his rotation set,  the depth on the team will give the older vets more rest.  I like the mix of veterans and youth.   I just love the pictures from their Halloween party.  These guys know how to have fun and I love the fact that they share it with their fans!  They're definitely not too old to have a blast on Halloween, that's for sure!!

I leave you with Shaquita singing some Beyonce. I may not stop laughing about this one until after the season. Too funny! I just love this team!