Random Thoughts as the NBA Gets Technical

David Stern needs to go.  His latest addition to boost his power hungry and attention seeking refs is a travesty.   I know the fans don't like it in spite of Stern's blatant lie that he changed the rules in response to the fans wanting them.   This is just another way for him to mask the incompetence of his minions in zebra stripes. 

Refs seem to be enforcing this new rule according to how much they like players or their team.  In Tuesday's game, Jermaine O'Neal gives a questioning look after a call and gets a T for it.  He didn't say anything.  He didn't throw up his hands.  He just looked puzzled.   KG gets a T for saying "Are you serious" after a questionable call and gets a T.  Then he laughs at a very laughable T and gets ejected.  How ridiculous to eject a star player that fans came to see from a preseason game.  Then Timofey Mozgov, who reportedly speaks very little English is given a T as he was walking off the court for who knows what.  Maybe just because the ref likes making the little T sign with his hand.  That's just as legitimate  a reason as the others they used to give the T's.

They ejected KG for a reaction and yet, they let Stoudamire question  a call in the same game.  And then, a little later in the game, they showed Galinari actually put his hand on the ref and walk across the court with his hands out arguing a call.  For this behavior, no technical was given.  I've seen LeJerk whine about a call in one of the Heat games and no tech was given.  If the refs were fair and competent, this rule would be a little easier for fans to swallow.  But the referees are neither of these things.   They show a hair trigger for some players and call a technical for a look.  Then they allow others to continue to argue calls and do whatever they please with no penalty.

It's time for the NBA to clean house.  Get rid of David Stern with his Napoleon complex and get someone in there who will be fair and honest.   Then clean house of all the vintage referees who have been conditioned by Herr Stern to believe that they can do whatever they want and no one will be allowed to question them.   Say what you want about Tim Donaghy, but the guy made a mistake and now is trying to make amends for it.  He is calling attention to the dishonesty and incompetence that David Stern is fostering with his iron fisted, no questions allowed policies.    Celtics Late Night Show will have Tim on their show again on 10/18 and I highly recommend that you listen to what he has to say. 

These new rules give a new meaning to "game face."  I'm starting to think that the Celtics need to purchase those clear Rip Hamilton masks for every player on the team.  Use Big Baby's concussion and nose contusion or Scals' concussions or Quisy's concussion or whatever as an excuse for doing it, but get those masks on everyone.   Perk especially will need one of those masks coming back from knee surgery.  If they keep up this ridiculous policy of giving technicals for the look on players' faces,  Perk will be ejected from every game in the pre-game warm ups.   He has that look on his face all the time. 

   Oh for the good old days when McHale's clothesline on Rambis was just good playoff basketball.    Every NBA fan needs to write to the league letting them know how far out of hand this is getting.   You can contact the league here if you want to make your thoughts known.  If Stern says that the fans wanted this, he needs to hear from the fans about what they really want.   I can see if they want to cut down on complaining and say excessive complaining, or verbally complaining and then enforce it across the board.   But to say that the player can't make a face or walk away, that's ridiculous.  Also,  letting some players get away with outright complaining that even under the old rules would warrant a technical and then calling a T for the look on another player's face is just wrong.   I'm with Tommy on this one. This is stupid.