Comments From the Other Side - Knicks 10/13

One thing I learned from reading the Knicks boards was that Knicks fans hate the new technical foul rules every bit as much as Celtics fans do.  They pretty much felt that all of the T's given out last night were ridiculous.  I have yet to read a group of fans that actually are in favor of them, especially the way the refs are carrying them out.  David Stern said that he is changing them because of the fans.  Maybe he should read through this column a few times to realize that fans are coming close to a mutiny because of his new rules.   The Knicks fans were a bit upset with the fact that Doc played his starters over 30 minutes while D'Antoni kept his out in the 4th.  At least a few of the fans realized that the Celtics didn't have much more left between fouls and injuries.  They'll be looking for revenge on Saturday, that's for sure.  After the jump there is a hilarious photoshop picture from one of the threads.  Enjoy.  . . .

If our shots are falling, we will blow out Boston. GUARANTEED. I think our youth and speed will win out.

Can't wait to see our guys go at the trash talking Cs......

Dear god I hope we don't get blown out. I'm still stuck in the failure Mindset of the past decade and a half of failure.

Nate is sporting a mini afro I still love that kid.

The heat have definitely taken the Celts spot on my hate radar.. The Celtics have dropped considerably..

The cetics are gonna take this game seriously. They sat their whole starting 5 last night.....I bet they start the entire starting 5 tonight.

Knowing the Celtics they'll be out to hurt Stat.

I'm expecting a better all-around performance from the Knicks this time, but the Celtics may simply be too good. And their whole Garnett/Perkins/Shaq/Big Baby front court rotation is pretty intimidating. Mozgov is going to have to break some people.

Does Shaq still get all the calls, or has that lessened since he's not a big star anymore?

Nate looked fantastic last night. I think he's gonna go off tonight against the Knicks.

Damn. Rondo is a bad dude. I always forget how good he is

After a slow ugly start, we're lookin' good. Can't wait to see the second unit too running the Celtics out of the gym.

Not looking to bad. Second unit is Boston real weapon.

Damn..I thought Lasme was Ricky Davis

Vintage N8. Nate the gnat

Marquis Daniels hit a jumpshot? Whoever was defending him, kill yoself

I want to see Nate dunk on Mosgov

The Celtics players are learning how to set screens from KG

Everytime I see Garnett camping 15-20 foot out like he is allergic to the paint I can't help but laugh to myself

Seriously ? That new rule is ******** David Stern is a moron.

These technicals are silly........its preseason I want to play Boston's best....

The new rule will kill the nba forever thats was bull

Those are horrible techs. I'm sorry but I hate these new nba rules. I want to see garnet and the rest play us not get ejected for complaining.

Wow they need to change the respecting the game rule because this is ******** they kicked KG that quick I would have been furious if they did that to Amare!

The Refs are abusing their Powwer

Why did mozzy get a tech???????? He can't even speak English

These new rules are absolutely ridiculous. How the hell was Garnett ejected!?

Stern killed the NBA, allows Miami big 3 tampering and now this BS

Why exactly is Garnett getting a technical there too. I didn't know the refs have become so sensitive... It's a sad world when Refs gain more power without understanding how to use it... Sounds like the NBA is heading in the wrong direction.

Terrible tech's though. Refs are power hungry as **** now.

Thanks for ruining the game nba

I have to say, this new crackdown on tech's is going to annoy the hell out of me this year. I felt they already called too many tech's. Thin skinned officials need to man the hell up and grow a set. Its emotional, let guys vent without getting your feelings hurt. Ridiculous

David Stern is trying to NEUTER N.B.A. Players

LMAO! Garnett just got tossed! Stop bishing and man up! Mozgov got a tech? For what? Come on man this rule is silly.

League is a bunch of liar...seriously? Fans complained about calls? Come on...

Erden is no Mozgov that's for sure.

Lol Mozgov cant speak English well @ all, and he gets a tech
Ref: "hey #25 speak American"
Moz: "что"
Ref: "thats it. Technical foul!!"

Gallo needs to watch Pierce and model his game after him

Looks like Lasme could could touch NJ from MSG with those arms

Pierce is abusing Galo

Luke Harangody... Is he the Celts new mascot?

Harangody looks like the white big baby with 3 point range

Celtics is still a very dangerous team.

With no Garnett the Knicks should be blowing out the Celts!!! That's a bad sign! Wake up Donnie!!!

25 FT attempts to the Celtics' 8.

This is what gallo needs to do. You're foreign and slow. You need to master your flop game

Amare is going to destroy the eastern conference

Harangody is officially the new Scalabrine.

The ghost of Scalabrine has come to haunt the Knicks!

Boston gets alot of luck with over weight big men

Ray Allen is looking like he is 25 years old again.

You may not see a smoother shot than his for the rest of your life. He would of been deadly on our team.
If Amare played as long as Pierce and Rondo we'd be up 20

Why is the Celtic starters still in the game?

This is bad. They don't even have shaq or garnett in.

To bad we can't get Hanragody From Boston

Old all stars still on the floor in crunch time? WTF kind of preseason game is this?

Congratulations to the Celtics playing pierce, Allen and rondo 35+ minutes in a preseason game.

LOL @ Boston running their old starter into the ground to beat us...

I can't believe Rondo has played 40 minutes in this preseason game.

Celts guys are old, stupid strategy to play them the whole game.

Doing the Antoine shimmey? What a tool

Boston playing this like it's their damn Game 7 re-do.

Great attempt at boosting that winning atmosphere for a young team, leaving all those 3rd string guys out there when it's obvious Boston was actually TRYING TO WIN BY LEAVING THEIR STARTERS OUT THERE.

Hang on now...
Perkins was out.
Shaq was out.
Big Baby was out.
Garnett got ejected.
Jermaine fouled out.
Avery Bradley is playing hurt.
Wafer's not making the team.
West is out.
Erden was winded.
The Celtics played the only guys left.

Shaq injured, Glen Davis not playing, KG playing only 11min. Celtics' frontcourt was really weak this game. The Knicks should've won it.

Wow D'Antoni sucks!
When we were close in that final minute, I knew Doc would simply out-coach D'antoni.