Comments From the Other Side - Nets 10/7

I was very surprised to see the number of Nets fans who were chatting on their boards during the game.  Last season it was hard to find a game thread on any of the Nets boards, let alone fans chatting on it.  I guess the additions over the summer have energized their fans.   I mean, after a 12-72 season there's nowhere to go but up.  Many of the fans in the NJ area were upset to find that YES cut away from the game to show the Yankee's post game.  The NBA-TV feed was blacked out and so some were scrambling for online streams of the game.  I felt for them because I know how mad I was when the idiots at TNT cut away from the Celtics playoff win vs Miami to show the beginning of the Suns game that was being televised on another network.   Now, without further ado,  enjoy the Comments from the Other Side...

If somehow we can beat the Celtics, maybe the media might pay attention to us a bit more... Who knows, but with the type of team the Celtics have, I just doubt it... In fact, I'll be surprised if we beat the Celtics tomorrow night.
But the 12-70 Nets beat the Celtics.

If they hadn't, that Nets' team would currently be known as the 11-71 Nets.

Just want to see Lopez dunk on Shaq

I'll be happy if we don't get crushed by the Celtics like Philly got crushed.

I have a feeling that Lopez will struggle against Shaq... He always struggles against strong centers... I hope Harris don't get schooled by Rondo too badly...

Man, Kevin Garnett is so damn tall. He was skying over Favo(u)rs.

Lopez & Shaq lol   Shaq is drenched in sweat and its only the first quarter

Hands up on defense? Defensive positioning? I know not of these things.

Shaq can't jump 2 inches

Shaq is more than double Favor's age ha.

Celtics look old and slow

Haha and then when the Yankee game's finally over YES is going to switch over to the Yankees post game even if the Nets are still playing.

I almost forgot the Celtics signed Delonte West Now I really can’t wait to see the Celtics play LeBron and the super friends… See how LeBron D’s up his step daddy

Watching the Celtic feed with Tommy commentating is torture.

Big Baby is officially going to get knocked out

Dwest was a good pickup for the Celts as long as he doesn’t go terminater again.

Watching Lawrence Frank like a kid in the candy store on the Celtics bench brought a tear to my eye... =(

Man... West is going to wreck havoc on that Celtics squad. In fact I think it would be extremely deadly to start West, and have Allen off the bench...

When he's not going Rambo or Rico Suave he's always been the perfect role player.

Tommy Heinsohn: “the one thing I know about Brook Lopez, he’s not gonna foul out of a game. Because he doesn’t block shots - After Big Baby’s score on him

Tommy is like sandpaper in my ears. Bigbaby is needles to my eyeballs.

Anyway, can someone stop Big Baby? Jeeesshhh.

Drafting Daerrick Favors with the #3 Overall Pick would be (and was) a colossal mistake

Celtics bench looks really good and could be a crap starting 5 on some team. I expect them to go deep in the playoffs.

The Celtics are one of the premier defensive teams in the league so I'm not too worried but the Nets need to run more.

Boston’s bench has greatly outperformed their starting five.

Pierce just owns outlaw every single time he gets the ball

Ok Boston out in full force one of the best team in the league

Boston's bench is going to make them a very dangerous team this year.  

Nets are playing vs players that will not be in the NBA this year, summer leagerswith Nate and Daniels.

We're holding our own but its against the Celtics 3rd string.  I don't know wether to be happy about it or cry.  

We only lost by 4pts to a much better and experienced team. Also we dont have our starting PF and this is a brand new team that has to gel together. I like what I saw. We will meet the Celtics again in 2 weeks. Payback.

Good game, at least we didn't look like the 76ers.

I admired the effort in trying to win it down the stretch even if it was against the Celtics scrubs + Nate/Daniels in preseason.

Damn that Celtic team is a matchup nightmare for almost ever team yikes.