Trouble keeps on finding Delonte West

Many people probably already know of the stabbing that took place at Regis College in Massachusetts this weekend where one young man was fatally wounded. Any long time Celtic fan is sensitive to two topics: heart problems and stabbings. That is why it caught my eye when I read that Delonte West was at that college party according to
According to multiple witnesses, Delonte West, even though on house arrest, was in attendance at the party that evening.
If you recall this is the site that first broke the most bizarre sports story in years this Spring, that Delonte and Lebron's mother had an affair. After seeming too farfetched to be true it actually ended up being factual, so if they have more than one witness on this story, I'll take their word. As noted in the story West was not involved at all in the fracus, but why was he there if he was supposed to be on house arrest?

I'm a big Delonte fan and was very excited to see him brought back to the green, but I must say I'm not too pleased to see our new additions keep making headlines off the court (Remember Shaq is also being sued by multiple people for computer hacking, child pornography framing, etc). Our bench has a LOT of characters, but that doesn't necessarily mean it has the right character. Besides Delonte and Shaq, we've
had the Marquis Daniels gang affiliation flap (Totally don't think he's in a gang, but no need to be throwing up gang signs in pictures and wearing Bloods bandanas Marquis!) and Big Baby trying to do his best Stephon Marbury impersonation on USTREAM (Harmless nonsense, but it bothered someone enough in the NBA or Celtics organization that Davis took down the video and gave a sudo apology on twitter).

Shaq wants the Celtics bench to be the "Boston Bench Mob," (How played out is the "bench mob" nickname?). but how about they simply be 7 guys who play hard and keep their noses clean? All the extra attention isn't ubuntu. Well at least that's my opinion. What's your's? Is trouble following Delonte? Is our bench too volatile? Or do you not care at all about off the court stuff and believe talent wins and chemistry is overhyped?