Media Day is Here! (Get your Game/Sleep On)

Couple photos via the Globe's Gary Washburn of a healthy KG and the return of Delonte. We'll post all the videos we can find later today as they become available. If anyone finds any pics or videos from today, feel free to post the links in the comments or the Shout Box on the right.
Update: A couple of Shaq, one of Baby, one of Jermaine/Nate, and one of Superman and Kryto-Nate after the jump.

The distance shot is very slimming.
I'ma steal your kicks when you fall asleep on the bus.
Wait, all these holes in my jersey are supposed to be there? Big Baby 2010= girth free
Credit @fallon87 for the last 3 pics. Follow her on twitter! And thanks Bohemian for the find.
If you try and dunk over me I will punch you in your nuts.
Rookie + open mouth= big mistake
Do not sleep on the bus or @nate_robinson will get you!
I dream of eating babies

We're just grown men who like to put cookies in others' mouths & hold up rabbit ears & middle fingers
I guess Nate isn't scared to snap the big men after all.