SQ#49--Reflecting On the Depth

Summer Quandaries #49
September 19--8 days to camp

Reflecting On the Depth

One way of judging the depth on this team is to compare it to that going into November a year ago. Admittedly the Big Three are a year older, although in Garnett’s case the additional time in surgical recovery probably makes the aging a wash, but is that offset by a stronger supporting cast? There is also the replacement of Perkins by Jermaine O’Neal. More offense, less defense; let’s call that a wash too. Again, will the “others” provide the difference?

So what are the changes?
PG__ Eddie House_____Nate Robinson/Avery Bradley
SG__Tony Allen_______Von Wafer/Bradley
SF__Marquis Daniels___Marquis Daniels
PF__Shelden Williams*_Glen Davis
C___Rasheed Wallace___Shaquille O’Neal
*Note that Davis was injured to start last season and I left out West who would start the season suspended.

Actually, when I first glance at those backup from last year, they don’t look too bad. Of course that was anticipating the House of the previous two seasons, a Rasheed that never emerged until the playoffs, and an uninjured Daniels. Given the commodities that actually trotted out on the court, I have quite a bit more faith in this year’s crop. Even better is the quality that I feel fills the last third of the bench this year.