Everything I Needed to Know I Learned on Twitter

The reports from Media Day were coming hot and heavy as Chris Forsberg of ESPN, Gary Washburn and Gary Dzen from the Globe, A Sherrod Blakely from CSN, Evans Clinchy from WEEI,  and especially Dan Duggan of the Herald.  Lots of good stuff coming from them on Twitter.   Perk was especially quotable today.  Dan Duggan said that Perk was the funniest guy on the team  and that's amazing considering Perk is the guy who never smiles.    Duggan also reports that Perk has been motivated by Wes Welker's quick recovery.  Perk followed the same course for his surgery that Welker did by rehabbing and strengthening the knee before the surgery and it seems that it is paying off for the big guy.  But don't expect Perk to take tips from Welker because as Evans Clinchy reports: 
"I can't take advice from Wes Welker. Wes Welker is like two feet shorter than me and 150 pounds lighter." ~Kendrick Perkins on his rehab 

Here's a couple more tidbits from Dan Duggan:
Perk says he's ahead of schedule but won't reveal return date.

Kendrick Perkins on Game 7: "If I would have played we would have won for sure. By double-figures."

Perk is headed to training camp and will rehab around team. Said he might travel.

Perk, not surprisingly, isn't a fan of new technical rules. Doesn't think it'll last.

Perk says his spot will be his when he comes back. No debate. "Everyone else will have to adjust"  (my personal favorite)

To follow up on Perk, he was a little more boastful today, but he's the same guy. Always speaks his mind. Don't think he's changed.

He was actually hilarious talking about techs and his facial expressions. Hope someone caught that on camera.
 A Sherrod Blakely also had some tidbits about Perk's rehab:

Kendrick Perkins confirms to CSNNE.com that his rehab is "ahead of schedule."

"I don't want to jinx it," Perkins said. "I am definitely improving."

Kendrick Perkins also told #csnne.com that he will be with the team in training camp this week.
There were also very encouraging reports on KG coming out of Media Day.   KG described himself as "vibrant."   He also said he only wishes he could've played with Shaq earlier in their careers and then  tossed a joke at Danny Ainge saying,  'Thanks, Danny!'  Here's some tidbits from Dan Duggan: 
That was as light-hearted as I can ever remember KG. He seems totally rejuvenated.

KG says he was never 100 percent last year, especially mentally. Said he feels very strong.

KG says summer was very dark and painful. He's driven by Finals loss

KG says he has a lot more confidence in his leg.
Paul Pierce was reportedly all smiles throughout the day.  Ray Allen added some seriousness to the festivities.  Here are some tweets about the other two-thirds of the Big 3:
Paul Pierce on the #Heat: "We talking about them like they're the only team...no one's talking about the Lakers and theyre defending champs.

Pierce just said he wouldn't have come back without Doc.

Pierce says he never thought about leaving. Says Doc was the biggest re-signing

If Doc didn't come back, Pierce said this summer would have likely been much different. He couldn't stomach more rebuilding.

"Being back in the locker room, you could sense the giddiness." Ray Allen on being back.

"We've got to eat better. We've got to sleep better. We've got to work together better as a team." Ray Allen
A few tweets from and about Delonte: 
Ainge says Delonte is a perfect fit for this team. Said it wasn't easy trading him initially.

Doc says Delonte might be most competitive player he's ever coached.

Delonte West is talking about how much different the Cs are from when he left.

Delonte West said he always knew he would return to the Celtics. Great friends with Doc and Danny Ainge

Delonte was asked about rumors with LeBron's mother. Said it's not true.  PR people gave him chance not to ansewer but he chose to

Delonte on LeBron's mom: "I come from an era where you don't say nothing bad about someone's parent. So not at all."
And finally, a few more tweets on the other Celtics. 

Jermaine says he hated, but respected, the Cs. Happy to join.

Perk and Rondo are another year older and it shows. Both seem more confident.

Rondo said he has no regrets about Team USA experience. Watched the tournament.

Rondo is in midseason form with his deadpan and stone walling of answers.

Marquis says it will help to have a defined role and not have to worry about playing point.

Nate says the Cs could have a better reality show than Hard Knocks with all their personalities.

Nate said his mindset changed when he joined a winner last year.

Doc says he still plans on starting Jermaine at center, but training camp could change things.

Doc says you never get over Game 7 loss in Finals.

Ainge calls Doc the perfect coach to handle all the "strong personalities"

Ainge on Garnett: "He's moving well. Were not all walking on eggshells this year."

Danny Ainge says his team's defense during the Cleveland and Orlando series gave him faith to bring this same group back.