SQ #28--I Would Rather

Summer Quandaries #28
Aug 28—33 Days to camp

I Would Rather

I was thinking about the Real Training Camp series that I have always found colossally disappointing, when it occurred to me that I might be atypical. The following preferences likely run contrary to your average fan.

I would rather:
See the month of training camp than the first month of games.
See an hour of Clifford Ray working with any of the young big men than an interview with any player.
Watch Ray Allen’s warm up than the dunking, I mean lay up, line.
See a shot contested than swatted eight rows up into the stands.
Watch a well executed 3-on-2 or 2-on-1 than a turnaround fall-away nothing-but-net.
Hear Tommy butcher a Slavic name than Van Gundy spin hyperbolic.
Review a spreadsheet of free agents, potential draft picks, or trade targets than any highlight reel.
Attend a summer league game than the NBA draft.
Watch Charles Barkley play golf than . . . O.K., maybe I can’t think of anything worse that doesn’t involve my own physical pain.