SQ #11--Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Summer Quandaries #11
Aug 11—50 Days to camp

Inquiring Minds Want To Know

The following quote from the Globe’s Gary Washburn just served to whet my appetite. “Bradley, expected to play both guard positions as he grows into a more expanded role, has been working out at the Waltham practice facility and has kept in contact with Rivers, who expressed disappointment that Bradley wouldn’t be able to learn the defensive schemes until training camp.”

What are we talking about here? Working out at the Waltham practice facility? Is he walking, swimming, running, or just lifting weights to keep his upper body strong? Is he using a cane and can’t put pressure on the foot or is he trying to regain flexibility in the ankle and rebuild strength.

Speaking of working out at the practice facility, who else is there? I want to hear that Erden is spending most of the day under the direction of Clifford Ray, are either even present? I want to hear that Jermaine’s bruised ankle is a thing of the past and he’s made it to the West Coast and back on the stationary bike and the beginning of a double chin has melted away. I want to hear that Shaquille has forgone carbs and is becoming Brian Doo’s best buddy. I want to hear that Ray Allen has got Gaffney’s jumper showing considerably more arc and that Tony is making life miserable for Paul, Ray, and any other shooter he is covering.

The truth is that I have nearly no idea of what goes on in Waltham and am rather irritated that the Boston print media, who do have access, do such a superficial job of reporting off-season activities. Sure they include a colorful quote, and report the actual signings, but fail miserably to take full advantage of their privileged positions. We not only have no idea of the process and stages of rehab for Perkins and Bradley, but any glimpse of the state of progress is so devoid of detail so as to be next to worthless.

Now I understand that there are times when information is not for publication; but don’t they understand that
the only people reading their columns in the off-season are fans that thirst for knowledge. To render their reportage in such a hazy manner is actually rather insulting to the avid and informed Celtics fan. Maybe one of them will actually read this and try to do a better job—nah that would qualify as extra effort.