Von Wafer meets the Boston media

Besides the big Shaq introduction, Luke Harangody and Von Wafer were both around to discuss their new contracts. Video of Wafer is courtesy of ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg. He provided a ton of great videos last season. Only one problem is that the sound is often way too muted. Here's hoping ESPN provides Chris with a new mic by October 26th as sound is kind of important for interviews.

Regarding Wafer, I think he could end up being a key guy for us. I'm actually really excited about our backcourt. We have two star players starting, but I think between Nate, Wafer, and the rookie Bradley we should have a solid punch off the bench. There's also still a shot we add Rudy Fernandez which would be huge, since he can also play the 3 versus 2nd strings and we're very light there behind Pierce. I'm not as high on Marquis as others are. But back to my point... what was it again? Oh yeah, the C's backcourt should be exciting this year. Welcome to Boston Von.