Comments from the Other Side - Special Heat Off Season Edition

I checked out the Heat boards to see what the Heat fans have been saying about the Celtics and all the comments that have been made by Celtics, both past and present.  I found some interesting comments and decided to do a special edition of the Comments from the Other Side.  Hopefully you will enjoy reading through these as much as I enjoyed gathering them.  

Someone said LeBron and Wade will be coming off screens and dissecting the NBA, I just want to know where the film of Bron doing that is? He barely did that with Team USA! Even if he could play without the ball, who the hell is gonna be setting the screens?   Miami is a doughnut team in the middle.

I don't know why people think Dwight can just up & whoop on Miami...And he never did....
Because we had a solution for that...Jermaine O'Neal. One of JO's biggest aspects of his game is playing outside the paint, somewhat of how Amare Stoudemire played. O'Neal isn't a natural back to the basket type of player, unlike Howard.     Taking DH out of the paint leaves players like Wade to cut to the basket for the easy layup, or worst case scenario, draw a foul on whoever had to switch to the paint to stop Dwyane.

Seriously shaq is more of a threat to his own team, he wont even be playing come playoff time, well just pick and roll every time, t-mac is better than shaq right now


I don't think Mike Miller will be able to stay on the court against Boston, unless he can be the guy that sags off Rondo. Ray Allen made Mike look awful last year in February.

Shaq hasnt played on a halfcourt team since leaving Miami. Hes been in Phoenix & Cleveland both teams with no real halfcourt offense. I see him thriving in Boston.

The problem with Shaq is that he's a big guy who creates problems for opposing teams. He's not dominant like Shaq of old but he still gets you into foul trouble, still makes you work on offense (if you're an opposing big man) and he is a great passer. Do I think this move makes Celtics a finals favorite? No. But I do think this and the other moves they've made makes them the best team in the Eastern Conference. Signing Shaq makes it that much more important for Wade and Lebron to truly dominate because I have no idea how Bosh is going to operate against that barrage of big men the Celtics have.

Aside from having 4 all stars. They have big men who can handle any type of job on the court. Rasheed Wallace is retiring but he's still a contract that they are going to trade for even more depth. On top of that they are supposedly looking at Larry Hughes. Other teams have severely raised the stakes this offseason. Celtics and the Lakers are once again the deepest teams out there.

Man, I don't call them the Big 3 anymore. For me the Celtics have a Big 5. They are better than us at the 1 and 5 spots and they are still able to compete with us in the 2, 3, and 4 position. Even though we have the advantage at the 2 and 3. Hopefully Bosh can have the advantage vs Garnett. Let's see because Garnett shutted down every PF in the playoffs.

Heck the Boston Celtics were already a tough team. They went to game 7 of the Finals and lost in the 4th quarter. We can even blame it that Perkins was the reason. They added Jermaine O'neal and Shaquille O'neal. Come on now. The O'neal's are going to have a field day.

Thats debatable if Orlando or Boston will be the main comp. I cant predict the future but I can only go by recent history and thats Celts man handle a healthy Orlando and should of won the NBA title. Anyways

They have a SLIGHT chance if Perkins can return to 100%. Without Tony Allen playing for a contract they are not as good defensively. A big blow considering they're a good team because of that said defense.

Celtics have proven that no matter what age... Anythings possible when you have heart (I'm LA native, but I'll give them that). Many people didn't realize it this past season. Their regular season may not look that great, but no one should sleep on them when playoffs come.

Honestly. The only team I'm worried about in the East IS Boston. I don't think Orlando matches up with us well. No disrespect to them. I just think if any team is gonna give us problems, and maybe even knock us out in the playoffs, it would be a healthy Boston team.

I think Miami ultimately wins this matchup in seven games. Boston's tough as nails, guys.

A big factor that would've been helpful for them against us is Tony Allen, that is one good defender, good thing he's gone

The Celtic fans, I believe, truly don’t know what they have just received this off season with two bridge-burning, ego maniacal, petulant, way past their prime prima donna’s. This is just too good.  (Shaq and JO)
Officially worried about Boston     Whoever wins the ECF between Miami and Boston will win the nba title.. Boston's frontline is nasty now
Their defense will be even tougher and rondo is only getting better
Not to mention they'll be highly motivated after being a Perkins injury away from winning the nba title    Not worried about LA at all but Boston will be a problem

Before LeBron didn't get a lot of fouls called on him. I hope the refs/league don't use some sort of counter tactic to take one of our 3 kings out of the game by giving them 2 quick fouls every game.

If KG gets away with OBVIOUS Illegal Screens .... Then ... Why not with our team.

The officials will definitely be against the Heat... The games are gonna be physical every night... More people want to see this team fail, then see this team win.

I can just see Cuban and others crying next season about Miami getting too many calls

Were gonna make the Celtics look old.

Paul Pierce neutralized by James
Wade killing them on offense

The only problem would be is how will Miami contain their lotsa big fellas from Perkins, Shaq, KG, Big Baby, Jermaine That's a lot of bigs for them. While Heat have Bosh, Joel, Z, Haslem Which overall talents arent really enough
Celtics sure got a deal for 3 million for Shaq.

How are their old backside going to keep up with us?     Listens people at this day and age Shaq is no better than mark blount he is old and slow and if we think he was that dominant we would have gone after him.

Shaq is done,finished,caput finito la musica.I respect Shaq and his talent,his personality as well but it's time for him to retire.

The Celtics are actually playing a system that will be more favorable for him than Cleveland and Phoenix did. No more running. No more one person dominating the ball. Shaq in Boston means another big body to play physical basketball. He gives them 6 more "hard" fouls to use and soft hands around the rim for Rondo to work with.

Shaq for a minimum , is really a great deal.. Its like winning a lotto

I love how people point to stats as a sign of Shaqs effectiveness... Just having him stand in the paint is effective...

Good to know somebody who is talking here knows something about basketball, when you have somebody 7'2, 350 pounds standing there, it makes EVERYTHING harder, keep on laughing now but when we play the Celtics you will cry like a little girl, Points ain't everything & if you don't believe me just wait till the season starts.

I think some of you are giving the Celtics a little too much benefit of the doubt. Don't get me wrong, they have a solid lineup and tough matchups. But defensively they won't be as great as they were last year. Why? Because they don't have Tom Thibodeau anymore.

3 injury prone guys at center, as well as an injury prone lineup, doubt how anyone can take that serious, they caught lightning in a bottle last year, I doubt it happens again.

Our biggest threat is not Boston but l.a
They have basically double up every positions

2011 Free Agent Centers That We Can Get For the MLE:  Perkins- Perfect compliment to any big 3. He plays solid defense and brings rebounding and strength.

Horford and Perkins are both going to get upwards of $8 million. Forget it.

Having Perk wud be great, I mean, when healthy he can flatout shut down any center in the league.

Perkins should be our first priority if not then Maybe Noah.

Noah, Perkins and Gasol will all command way more then the MLE. I'd be shocked to see either of them take less then $8 mill.
I think Kendrick Perkins will be released in January 2011.

Marc Gasol would be amazing but I dont think it is possible.. Neither is Noah..Best shot of the 3 I would think would be Perkins... After winning a championship and realizing this year that the Celtics are too old to compete he will want to continue winning.. The place to do that is Miami

Their strongest point was Tom Thibodeau, not Doc... Doc isn't a very good x's and o's type of guy. Thib was the defensive mastermind who made Doc look good. But he's in Chicago now, I really don't see why Boston is the big worry..
I'd like to believe that,but I just don't see the entire Boston squad playing like a bunch of Steve Nashes just because one of their assistant coaches left..

One thing I was really impressed with the Celtics was their Mental Toughness, down by 10-20 or up by that much, injury of no injury there is no quit in this team. They will fight you to the end. They are scrappy, tough, strong, smart, long and a very big and very good team.
Robert Parish says the Heat will not make it to the Finals.   Who effing cares what Robert Parish thinks!?here's a guy who rode Bird's coat tails for years and played his last season on a championship team as a bench warmer.
Similar things were being said about the Celtics in 2008 about Rondo and Perkins and they ended up winning a championship that year, and to me I think the Heat have a better team than the Celtics did that year

Hes a Celtic hes just giving the Celtics fans something to look towards the heat will dominate the Cs

Who the hell is this guy? Never heard of him.anyway its funny because if you ask me shaq is a cancer to every team he has been on since Miami. With the suns they didn't even make the playoffs. With the cavs well that failed. And now people think because they added washed up shaq that that will help them get banner #18? Sorry Boston. You're "BIG THREE" was a 1 year commitment(2008). Shaq you will end you're career with 4 rings. Sorry Kobe will have more.

Kinda interesting how much room do we have for Posey or would he make James Jones irrelevant?

We dnt have anymore room in our roster but if we did I still think that we can use a guy like him and he was with us when we won in 06 so there is a chance he would come bakk with us if we had room. He can still shoot and thats what he helped out with bakk then

He messed up, he should have never left Boston in the first place but ya looks like he will be back with them, I dont see the Heat signing him

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