Introducing the Celtics Life Mailbag

State Of The Union / Put Your Name On It Edition
So I had the idea to have a mailbag last October when we began the site. I remember mentioning it to TB sometime in the Winter and in Boston Big Dig speed we're ready to have our first one many months later. Just a heads-up, since no one, but TB and I were aware of the mailbag I didn't really have time to collect an abundance of questions. All I'll say is unlike a certain Boston Sports Guy who used to be really funny before he moved to L.A, started hating on the C's and jumped the shark, I'm not going to preface this mailbag by saying all questions are 100% by real readers. I probably shouldn't even say 1%. Here we go.

Q: What's the name of your mailbag?
-- Nosy Biatch, Brockton

JR: Well originally I thought "Monday Morning Mailbag," but then I'd have to wake my ass up on Monday mornings early. Then I thought just "Monday Mailbag," but then I'd be forcing myself to do on every Monday. So right now I'm thinking "JR's Mailbag" if I want to go the narcissistic Lebron route or "Celtics Life Mailbag" just in case we ever have a "Who shot JR?" moment, so the mailbag can live on... and so no one will call me narcissistic.

Q: Nice new banner! Who did it?
-- Nice Guy, Belgium

JR: We had several very quality entries (and a couple crappy ones of course). Had a hard time deciding in the end, but went with Matt Nore's design. He also does some wallpapers and video mixes for us. Check them out and follow him on youtube.

Q: Where's Shaq, Jermaine O'Neal, Von Wafer and Avery Bradley?
-- S. Erden, Boston

JR: Didn't want to crowd it with everyone and the new guys need to prove themselves in green first.

Q: Why do you dislike Anonymous comments so much?
-- Anonymous, Not Telling

JR: I don't dislike all anonymous comments. If you want to say "Yay Rondo!" "Nice column" or "Nate was on fire" that's cool, but almost all of the shit talkers post as anonymous. As Herm Edwards says, "Put your name on it! Be a man!" Also when having discussions in the comments its hard when their are 10 anonymouses (allegedly not a word according to spell check. Damn.) and you have to be like "I agree with Anonymous 3, Anonymous 8 is an ass," and "No one understands a word you're saying Anonymous 5."

Q: Not really a question. Just wanted to tell you you're really good looking JR.
-- Three Toe's Girlfriend #7, Watertown

JR: Thanks. I love knowledgeable readers.

Q: The Celtics need to trade Scalabrine. What do you think?
-- Trade Scal and Baby please Guy, Newport, RI

JR: Aw. We've missed your multiple daily comments prior to the trade deadline. Scal's a free agent. We can't really trade him even if anyone all of a sudden decided they wanted him. I guess we could do a sign and trade deal if someone wanted to pay him more than the minimum, but Danny Ainge doesn't GM for any other teams, so not really realistic.

Q: Why is my picture up at the top?
-- Evangeline Lilly, Some magical island

JR: A) You're hot B) I get on the other writers when they uglify the site with pictures of Steve Blake's and Adrian Dantley's teeth or glasses of water, so I didn't want to be a hypocrite with the random Herm picture. And C) A picture of a hot woman guarantees I'll at least get one reader. You're welcome Jenda.

Q: Why were you for Rondo playing with Team USA when most Celtics bloggers were against it?
-- Coach K, Turkey

JR: Well I just think it would be a great experience for him to play with some great young athletes and more of a running game. I feel bad that the Celtics have asked a young Jason Kidd like player to play a game that is a complete contrast to his strengths. The fact that we've still done great just shows how talented Rajon is. Dallas tried to reign in Kidd with a methodic Triangle Offense at first and they sucked and their coach got fired. Would love to see Danny add just one athletic guy to the frontcourt. Also, to those who say he should be practicing his FT's somewhere instead, the fact is he's still going to suck from the line this year regardless. It's his mutant sized hands. Like Red said about Shaq, "You try shooting a tennis ball into a hoop that's barely larger than the ball."

Q: What if I think your mailbag sucks donkey dick?
-- Norman, Like I'd tell you where I'm from

JR: Then don't read it. Or do read it if you're into that sort of thing.

Q: Who's been the biggest buffoon GM this Summer?
-- Chris, Memphis

JR: Hmm, I really should thing on this more first, but I'll say Kahn in Minnesota from comparing Darko to Webber, talking shit about Webber and McHale, insulting draft picks that begrudgingly agreed to work out for his dysfunctional team, and trading Al Jefferson for nothing probably takes the cake. Whatever heinous amount of Money Milwaukee gave Drew Gooden put their GM in the running, and of course Chris Wallace giving a restricted Rudy Gay the max instead of matching a lesser contract for him from some other team is up there, as he always is.

Q: Name two other Celtics blogs you enjoy reading?
-- Not someone from another blog, Massachusetts

JR: There are actually several decent ones. Before FL joined us here, I enjoyed checking out Loy's Place. Lately I've been digging Celtics Town. Not a Celtics blog, but Brain on Funk has some great stuff too.

Q: Rudy or Delonte? Pick one
-- D-West, on my bike, packing

JR: Rudy. Though I like Delonte too.

Q: So after almost one year around how's the site doing? I think its great.
-- Bob, DMV

JR: Thanks for the friendly note. We're doing very well at least I think. This past month was our best month with over 50,000 visitors and over 100,000 page views. Not too shabby. Sometimes our writers worry their stuff isn't getting read, but when I check the analytics even columns with no comments are getting 600, 800, 1000 reads. But please leave comments. It makes them feel good. I think we're doing very well for our first year and we'll only get better. We've added some more quality writers this Summer as you've seen, so that can only help.

Q: Were you an English Major in college?
-- Professor Jones, Academia

JR: Ha. Love the sarcasm. No. If any of our writers can't write grammatically for shit, I guess that would be me. The good thing is I'm not claiming to be a professional writer. I just try to produce cool stuff for the site, give my amazing insight on basketball with a touch of my brilliant humor, all the while maintaining a modest disposition. No idea what I'm talking about, but the point is don't expect Shakespeare stuff out of me.

Q: Why don't I write more often?
-- Three Toe, Some random Boston alley

JR: Because you suck. At least comment more, so we know you haven't died via hotbox. We love comments. Just not punk ass anonymous ones. "Put your name on it. Be a man." Thanks Jenda and anyone else who actually read this.  For the 2nd mailbag (If there is one) you can send your questions to and as long as you put your name on it and where you're from (You can make up either) I very possibly might use it. Or I might delete it quicker than Gerald green disappeared from the League.