Celtics Trivia #2

Well, the first edition of Celtics Trivia got a couple responses, but I'd like to see more this time. I think that once this gains some momentum and people know to look for it this can become very popular.

Here are the answers to CT1:

1. Retired Numbers

Walter Brown - #1 
Red Auerbach - #2
Dennis Johnson - #3
Bill Russell - #6
JoJo White - #10 Bob Cousy - #14
Tom Heinsohn - #15
Tom Sanders - #16
John Havlicek - #17
Dave Cowens - #18
Don Nelson - #19
Bill Sharman - #21
Ed Macauley - #22
Frank Ramsey - #23
Sam Jones - #24
K.C. Jones - #25
Cedric Maxwell - #31
Kevin McHale - #32
Larry Bird - #33
Reggie Lewis - #35
Robert Parish - #00
Jim Loscutoff - LOSCY

2. Finals MVPs
Havlicek '74, JoJo White '76, Cedric Maxwell '81, Bird '84 and '86, Pierce '08

3. This was a typo on my part. It was supposed to be the '95 draft and Eric Williams, but I'll take Eric Montross for it which was what both entries had.

4. Xavier "X-Man" McDaniel

5. Most common 05-06 starting lineup

PG Delonte West
SG Wally Szczerbiak
SF Paul Pierce
PF Ryan Gomes
C Raef LaFrentz

JCCR: 38 (Got all but #5 correct)
FLCeltsFan: 36 (Missed White and Havlicek on #4 and #5)

Now, here are the questions for CT 2!

The Lists (1 point per correct answer, -1 point per incorrect answer, 1/2 point will be awarded or deducted for answers with one correct or incorrect part)

1. Name the top 20 scorers in Celtics history. No order is needed.

2. Name the 16 head coaches in Celtics history. No order is needed.

Name that Person (5 points per correct answer, no deduction for incorrect answers)

3. I attended Guilford College, was originally drafted by the Kentucky Colonels of the ABA, and was named MVP of the European Pro Basketball league while playing for the Israel Sabers in the 1974-75 season.

4. I am an NCAA national champion, scored 53 points against the Kings in January of '01, and played in Greece for Panathinaikos after finishing my NBA career.

Fill In the Blanks (5 points per correct answer, no deduction for incorrect answers)

5. What colleges did these players attend?

Danny Ainge
Marcus Banks
PJ Brown
Dave Cowens
Rick Fox

Again, I do not have any prizes, but I know a true sports fan has great pride in knowing the most about their team. For this reason, I ask that all participants answer with their personal knowledge, and not research each question.

I will keep a running tally and plan on stopping at the start of the regular season pending the amount of interest this generates. I kindly ask that you do not post them in comments as that would ruin the fun for everyone. PLEASE E-MAIL ALL ANSWERS TO ME AT SEBREDSOX24@HOTMAIL.COM.

This will run until 7 PM eastern time Thursday. I am posting this on both Celtics Life and BBSB (my personal blog). Best of luck to everyone and remember to e-mail me!