Wojnarowski: "All About 'Bron And All About Nothing"

CelticsLife has been relatively mum on the circus that is LeBron James' free-agency - the single most ridiculous period in the history of sports. However, earlier today at Yahoo! Sports, Adrian Wojnarowski wrote a can't miss piece on James and his prime-time TV Show, titled: "State of LeBron: Live at 9, from his ego":
"He’s turned free agency into the title of our times, a preening pageant of fawning, begging and pleading. Hard-working people are dragged into municipalities and told to hold signs, chant scripted slogans and beg a diva who doesn’t care about them to accept a $100 million contract."
Forgoing the typical free-agent tour, LeBron demanded his suitors come to him. And so, a flock of executives flew to Ohio - each pitching and begging the man with "Chosen One" tattooed on his back to consider them worthy.

The talk of his decision has absolutely dominated the airwaves, whether you're watching SportsCenter or NFL Total Access - one can't avoid the talk of LeBron. When the two-time MVP joined Twitter yesterday - there was absolute hysteria. The world of sports is revolving around him.

"Team LeBron is having the time of its life", writes Wojnarowski. "but has no idea the repercussions of what it’s done here. All that comes to James now is the biggest burden to win a championship that sports has ever seen."

A task that James has yet to do in seven seasons - despite being lauded as the best player in the league.

Regardless, LeBron will hold a television special tomorrow night to announce where he will play next year. Personally, I'm excited for the event. I think it's the perfectly ridiculous ending for an absolutely absurd period of obsession and infatuation. Holding an hour long event revolving around himself, LeBron is truly showing the size of his ego and tarnishing his NBA image in the process. Wojnarowski writes:
"James has never looked smaller, never more insecure and unsure of who he is and what he wants to be. He won’t look so much like Kobe Bryant(notes) and David Beckham, but rather a three-star linebacker from Shaker Heights picking Bowling Green over Kent and Ohio U. on local access television."
It makes one wonder, with Ray Allen's recent and sooner than expected re-signing with the Celtics, if LeBron's personal TV show didn't have some influence on it getting done so soon.

Perhaps Ray saw this superstar belittle himself to that point and thought, "Maybe I don't want to play with that guy". The Celtics have prided themselves on team work and sacrifice. Their mantra, "Ubuntu", roughly means putting the group above the individual. With LeBron's hour long special dedicated to himself - it's clear where his values lie. Wojnarowski closes:

"Whatever happens, James and the television network will hide behind some money going to the Boys & Girls Clubs. But this isn’t about kids and sports, and it sure isn’t about the credibility that comes with winning championships. Something’s changed here, and LeBron James has gone a long way to devaluing winning and losing in the NBA. David Stern has long pushed the individual over team, marketed showy over substance, and LeBron James represents the manifestation of it all.
Greatest talent to ever walk into this league, the self-proclaimed King, and now everyone gets a front-row, primetime seat for how it means to live without self-awareness, without restraint. The vacuous star for our vacuous times, live on Thursday night and fitting himself for a ring as the undisputed Champion of Me. All about ‘Bron and all about nothing."
Again, check out the full piece - click here.