Rasheed might not be retiring after all

David Aldridge, nba.com
With Doc Rivers deciding to return to the Celtics next season, and Boston close to re-signing Paul Pierce to a four-year deal, a source said Saturday night that there is a "possibility" that veteran forward Rasheed Wallace could re-think his decision last month to retire after 15 NBA seasons. The Celtics believed Wallace would retire after the team's seven-game Finals loss to the Lakers, and he appeared to make the decision final a week or so later.
Because Wallace had two years and $13 million (including $6.32 million next season) remaining on his deal when he retired, the Celtics have been looking into moving his contract to another team, which would then get the savings from Wallace's cap number, in exchange for assets. But obviously, if Wallace decides to play next season, that team wouldn't get the money off of its cap.
Should of traded his contract when we had the chance. Michael Beasley, Marvin Williams, Luol Deng, Al Jefferson, Monta Ellis, any of these guys would have worked for me. I know fans want to remember the last few weeks when Rasheed actually tried, but he mailed it in the rest of the year while collecting 6.5 million. The reason he broke down in Game 7 was because he wasn't in the shape he needed to be to be prepared for big minutes. As Rasheed and the team gets older, things could only get uglier for Rasheed in Boston. If Rasheed decides to return it will sorely limit the Celtics chance to add a solid player this offseason.