LeBron James' Punk Friend Threatens Woman

A few years ago in Wadsworth, Ohio, an amateur boxer named Vaneisha Robinson bought a LeBron James pendant at a yard sale for $5.00. Initially, she thought it was fake but - after recently having it appraised - learned that it was very real and worth almost $10,000.

Hoping to cash in and perhaps pursue her dream of opening a gym, Robinson posted the ring on eBay. That's when Maverick Carter; James' close-friend and CEO of "The King"'s marketing company, LRMR, entered the picture. Maverick is most famous for his orchestration of the completely absurd and cruel television special, "The Decision".

Carter had his mother (Katherine L. Powers) call Robinson and invite her to her house. She promised Robinson that James would be there. What happened next to Vaneisha and her mother had them fearing for their lives. Curtis Jackson writes for newset5:

"'[Powers] said that LeBron James was at her house and they wanted me to come over there. They were going to make me an offer that I couldn't refuse,' Robinson said.
It turned out the one-of-a-kind pendant belongs to Carter, who claims it was stolen. Robinson said she and her mother went to the Wadsworth house Carter shares with his mother, believing James was going to buy the pendant and give it back to Carter.
'When I got there, LeBron James was not there. It was about eight or nine other people there,' Robinson said. 'They pretty much accused me, they threatened me and they used their authority to they (sic) best ability to get the pendant in their possession.'
Robinson said she and her mother drove to Carter's house in the 500 block of Caledonia Drive in her mother's pickup truck.
'They blocked her truck in the driveway. They told us that we weren't going anywhere until they got that pendant. I was scared for my life,' she said.'"
A neighbor called the police but by the time they got there, Robinson and her mother had left and Powers had the pendant. Apparently, according to police, Maverick Carter wasn't there at the scene. The case is still under investigation but police Sgt. James Elchinger claimed that he was able to determine that the item did belong to Carter. Yet, Robinson claims there is no proof. Jackson writes:

"Police are trying to determine if the pendant was ever reported stolen. But Robinson maintains she could not have had the jewelry certified by the I.G.S. if it were stolen property.
The boxer vowed her next fight will be in a court of law.
'There was no serial number on that pendant so it's untraceable,' Robinson said. 'That pendant is mine. It belongs to me. I want it back.'"
Even if the Pendant turns out to have been stolen from Carter - threatening a woman and her mother is obviously not the best way to go about getting it back. Cavs' owner, Dan Gilbert, had expressed his frustrations with having to give James' friends so many liberties. If his punk entourage acts like this, you can see why.

Even though LeBron wasn't involved in this incident, his name is tied to it. Maverick Carter is apparently one of James' closest friends and advisers and this is the kind of stuff he does.

Since he's taken his talents to South Beach, LeBron James' villainy grows more and more by the day.