Celtics vs. Lakers Rap Battle

There have been several Celtics rap anthems created recently. I know I might catch flack for saying this, but Boston has a ton of horrible MC's. I liked ED O.G. and Guru, but not sure I can think of another decent one (though Bobby Brown's verse on "Every Little Step" was a classic lol). This "Bye Lakers" song though is pretty catchy and was a fun listen/watch.

But now if you really want to hear a classic NBA rap, after the jump we have a Lakers special.

What's with all the wife beaters of every color out there look? lol. Kurt Rambis reminded me of Wierd Al Yankovic in this video.

What are your thoughts on these videos? If I made a joke that the current Lakers team should do a PSA video titled "No means No," would that be classless. I don't want to make that joke unless I have your approval.