What in the Nate Robinson?

CelticsLife(and Pitt fan) went to the garden last night and it was electric. The crowd was into it from the start and Beat L.A chants started early all around the garden. There really is nothing like being at a playoff game.You could tell the Celtics fed off the crowd's energy from the very beginning. If you ever are debating whether to throw money down for a game like this just do it. Life is short.

A lot of people played well last night, but the difference maker was Nate Robinson. Yes, you heard that correctly.  This is truly one of the most unexpected playoff performances in history. Nate's been designated as head cheerleader for most of the playoffs and no one could've seen this coming. His two big three pointers and steal in the 2nd quarter were the difference in the game. You would've thought with Rondo out the celtics would have faltered, but Nate not only kept them in the game but helped them blow the Magic out of the water. 

Let's not all get too excited here . One game does not make a solid back up point guard.  However, Nate was brought in here to do exactly what he did last night. We thought(or at least Doc did) that he would be the difference maker in at least one playoff game. I don't think anyone could have expected it to be one of this magnitude.

At any rate, I think the Celtics now can have the confidence to plug Nate in there for at least 8-10 minutes a game. Sure, he is a defensive liability, but he is a spark plug and can put up points in a hurry. Plus, it gives Rondo a chance to rest and throws a different look at the opposition.  Despire his lack of production since joining the Celtics, I've been truly impressed with the way Nate has handled himself. He seems to be happy just being on a winning team.  Let's hope he continues this inspired play in the Finals. Go Celtics!