Props to Paul, Baby, and Rasheed

Karl a little bit earlier wrote a well deserved column on Nate Robinson's surprising performance. I just wanted to acknowledge three more guys. First major credit to Glen Davis who came back from a concussion without missing even one game. While Marquis Daniels didn't dress after his concussion and might miss more games, Doc said after last night's game that Davis wasn't in good shape, but he gave it a go. Davis finished with 6 points and 7 rebounds and with Robinson added a spark off of the Boston bench.

Rasheed didn't fill up the stat sheet, but he did play with a back that on any other occasion would have prohibited him from playing. He played crafty defense on Howard, grabbed a few rebounds, and hustled. Thank you Glen and Rasheed for playing last night.

The biggest hero of Game 6 was the Captain, the Truth, Paul Pierce. Similar to how he manned up and closed out the Cavs in Game 7 in '08, Pierce stepped up his game to finish off the Magic last night. Everyone knew that yesterday was essentially Game 7 for the Celtics. Pierce simply led all scorers with 31 points and all rebounders with 13 rebounds.  He also threw in 5 assists and used his fouls well, including a nice payback takedown on a "Elbow Me Howard" drive. To me rebounding more than probably anything else in basketball shows me who really wants it out there.

Paul wants another ring and he made it happen. While Rondo got the MVP chants last night, it was the Captain who threw the team on his back. Thank you Paul. Now go outplay Kobe in the Finals again!