NBA Ramblings- May 25th

Now that Mike Brown is out as Cavs coach, perhaps he can resume doing what he's always done best: selling his face as Mr. Potato Head.  The similarities are as striking as Marquis Daniels and that thing from Avatar.......Speaking of coaching changes, there's a rumor going around the Bulls are  going to try and convince Whistling Phil to return next season.  I'd expect this to coincide with the Bulls trying to lure LeBron as well.......And one more note on coaching changes: why was Danny Ainge in Minnesota last night for Game 4 of the Celtics-Magic series?  He was at Kevin McHale's house watching the game along with other "Boston brass."  McHale even gave them a ride back to the airport.  Not sure who else was there in addition to Danny but could McHale get some sort of invite to the Celtics next season, possibly as their head coach if Doc bolts?  Stay tuned.