NBA Ramblings- May 14th

As awesome as it was to see the C's knock off Cleveland, I think it's fair to say ESPN's lovefest with LeBron was nauseating.  The entire series people could only talk about LeBron.  His play, his elbow, his future.  Nothing about what the Celts were doing in making his life difficult.  What happened to the old days, when the Bulls came up short against the Pistons year after year?  Michael's greatness wasn't questioned, but there was a lot of emphasis put on Detroit's effort.  An indication how things have changed for the worst.  Thanks ESPN for slobbering over LeBron and Bean at all times.......Speaking of my new-found hatred for ESPN, I deleted them from my bookmarked sites in Firefox.  I can only take so many more "expert" predictions moving forward.  Some people say David Stern dislikes Boston.  I think it's much more blatant that ESPN hates Boston, or at least the Celtics.......All of those buffoons pictured above (except Legler) should be canned.