Introducing "Tickle Me Elbow"

CelticsLife has some breaking news following the Celtics Game 2 upset over the Lebrons. Tyco will be coming out with a new Sesame Street doll named "Tickle Me Elbow." First let's be clear: There is no "Elbow Gate" and Lebron's elbow is fine. It's just a crutch for the egomaniac, The King with No Rings. When the Cavs were making their comeback, you heard nothing of the phantom elbow injury did you? Everyone's banged up at this time. KG has a surgically repaired knee, Perk has Bill Walton feet and Pierce has about 9 minor injuries.

With that said, Tyco believes Tickle Me Elbow will be a fun doll for all ages. Go ahead and roll your mouse cursor over Lebron's elbow. Watch as he reacts to a minor push, cries as he gets the first of what should of been 6 fouls called on him, and throws a tantrum at a travel call after his 7th step.

Parental Warning: Tickle Me Elbow does not have fingers, so please do not try and shake his hand. Tickle Me Elbow does not shake hands.