Ainge discusses the drafting of Rondo

They have an article up on ESPNBoston on what went down that 2006 draft night when Ainge made his finest move. Even though its written by Peter May, its still a good read. May ranks Rondo as the 6th greatest draft pick in Celtics history. No mention in the article that when the Sonics wanted Rondo in the Ray Allen trade a year later, Danny was willing to part with him if the Sonics kicked in Robert Swift. I guess since this was supposed to be a piece praising Ainge, it wouldn't have fit. lol.
"I told him, if you can find a team, go buy a pick and take Rondo," Grousbeck said. That was enough for Ainge. He found a taker in his old team, the Phoenix Suns, who were sitting on No. 21. Phoenix agreed to draft Rondo if the Celtics would surrender a first-rounder in 2007 (which Ainge had procured from Cleveland in a deal for Jiri Welsch) and take on Brian Grant's contract.

Ainge agreed on both counts. The teams waited for Isiah Thomas to make the Knicks' pick at No. 20, and Thomas went with Renaldo Balkman from South Carolina. The Suns then made the Rondo pick for the Celtics and completed the deal.

At the time, the acquisition of Rondo was viewed as the undercard to the main event, the arrival of Telfair, who was supposed to be the point guard of the future.
Full article including the top 6 breakdown.