Celtics need to have a sense of urgency

Game 3 isn't a must win in the traditional sense for the Celtics.  However, it's the kind of game that could drastically change the rest of the series depending on the type of effort the Celtics come out with.  If the Celtics win, you might as well book a ticket to LA for the finals.  On the other hand,  if the Magic win they are one win away from tying the series heading back to Orlando. 

I think home court advantage doesn't really apply to this Celtics team. If anything they might be better on the road.  There's no reason the Magic can't catch fire for a couple games and tie this series back up. You have to expect the Magic to steal at least one game when they shoot lights out from three.   Sure, the Celtics dominated the first two games, but the Magic still had a chance to win.  That's the crazy thing about basketball. One team can dominate another team for 3 and a half quarters and still lose.  That's why the Celtics need to come out and treat this game like they were tied 1-1 or down 2-0. Don't let the Magic have any semblance of hope for the rest of the series.

The good news is I don't think this Magic team is very resilient.  Dwight Howard had a huge Game 2, but I still don't see him as a guy that loses sleep over losses. Vince Carter is a choke job.  I truly hope if the situation calls for it the Magic give it to him in crunch time again.  The Magic coach Stan Van Gundy is about one Rashard Lewis three point miss away from having a mental break down on the court.  This team is on the ropes and the Celtics need to go in for the kill.

We all remember the horrendous Game 3 effort the Celtics put forth against Lebron last series.  Let's hope we don't see a replay of this tomorrow night.  The Celtics have done a 360 since the regular season in all but one area.  They still let teams back in the games because they get too comfortable.  Game 3 will tell a lot about how determined the Celtics are to put up that 18th banner.