You Ugly Bitch!

In case you missed it, Joakim Noah of the Bulls had the audacity to add his take to the Kevin Garnett-Quentin Richardson scuffle from last night:

On Sunday, Noah called Garnett "a dirty player" who is constantly throwing elbows. He also said he's hurting because of an elbow he took recently from the Celtics' star.
"It's unbelievable. He's a dirty player. It's one thing to be competitive and compete. But don't be a dirty player, man," Noah, whose Bulls are facing the Cleveland Cavaliers, said of Garnett.

Are you kidding me?  Wasn't it bad enough your Bulls lost to the Celtics without KG in last year's playoffs?  You're a whining, ugly, untalented bitch.  You're a nobody.  Go make 14 All Star Appearances, win an MVP and a championship, and then go and talk about another series you're not even involved in.  If Noah was the least bit mature when asked for his opinion on the matter he should've said he didn't have one. 

Go enjoy your life as an irrelevant 13-10 guy on teams that never make the Finals and please shut your mouth while you're at it.