NBA Ramblings- April 18th

Manu Ginoboli and Peja Stojakovic should totally collaborate to form a new brand of men's hair replacement product known as "NBA"- No Balding Allowed.......It looks as if Iron Man 2 is going to be the NBA Playoff-Summer Movie Cross Promotion. Thanks Robert Downey Jr for ruining my playoff-watching experience.......In hindsight I gotta apologize to Grant Hill. I ripped him last summer when he repudiated the Celtics to stay with Phoenix, secretly hoping C's fans would boo him when he played in Boston this year. I said he didn't want to win a championship or be part of something special. Well his Suns won more games than the Celtics, finished higher in their conference, beat the C's twice and had awesome team chemistry. Congrats Grant, for proving me 1000% wrong.......My cell phone battery died the other day.  I was hoping to have it last for the entire year, but I guess that's better than the Celtics season, which was only good until Christmas day.......Later that day I hit a brutal pot hole while driving.  The first person I thought to blame was Rasheed Wallace.......For the official record, I rather sow my eyelids shut than watch one playoff halftime show with Jon Barry and Mike Wilbon.