I've noticed a most disturbing trend amongst online Celtics fans this year.  They enjoy blaming Rasheed Wallace for the team's lack of success.  Put it this way: if it was Rasheed that picked up that technical in the 4th quarter with 90 seconds to go last night and not KG, we wouldn't have heard the end of it.  Every technical foul he gets is magnified.  Every gesture he makes and every statistic he accumulates is scrutinized.  Sometimes I feel fans have The Police's song Every Breath You Take playing on repeat when it comes to Rasheed Wallace.

Well I have a blunt message for Celtics fans: Stop!  Rasheed Wallace was brought into solidify the bench.  Has he disappointed in some regards?  Yes.  His overall shooting percentage is the lowest of his career (40%) and his 3 point% is the lowest of the last 10 seasons (28%).  He's averaging 9 and 4 in 22 minutes a night.  Would that look a lot better if he was at 12 and 6?  Sure.  But before people continue pointing their fingers at him laying into him as the reason for the Celtics troubles, consider this:  KG's been averaging right around 14 and 7 for the season in 30 minutes a night.  Pierce and Allen, also career 20 ppg scorers, are at 18 and 16 respectively in 34 and 36 minutes per night.  After a stellar first half to the year Kendrick Perkins will be lucky to keep his average over 10 ppg.  My point is simple: it's not all Rasheed's fault.

Why do Celtics fans continue to point the finger at him?  What would you really like him to do?  Hustle more?  The guy's 36 years old and this is his 15th season in the league.  He's a significant improvement over Mikki Moore.  Who would've been a better signing this past summer?  He was payed the full mid-level exception and his contract is 3 years long.  Can't Celtics fans support him and stop blaming their lack of success this season on a 6th man?  Think of that absurd concept.  It's like me blaming the Cavs' play on how Delonte West performs or the Flakers on how Lamar Odom plays.

What about Garnett and his $40 million or so he's set to make the next 2 seasons?  The guy has repeatedly shown he can't move laterally and gets beaten consistently by the likes of Kris Humphries, Spencer Hawes and Carl Landry.  Or Ray Allen, who's having one of his worst shooting seasons of his career.  Or Paul Pierce, who not a long time ago had the lift of Glen Davis.

I don't understand all the Rasheed Wallace hate and frankly it sickens me.  The bottom line is he hasn't lived up to his expectations, has shot poorly, and received a lot of technicals (which if you're a fan of the game, you should've known was coming).  But he also hasn't played a playoff game yet, you know, the ones that really count.  He's a long defender who can actually guard 7 footers with single coverage.  He defends Dwight Howard exceptionally well, stealing entry pass after entry pass to him.  And he's a 4 time all star and NBA champion.  If the Celtics season ends in anything less than a championship, we'll all be mightily disappointed.  If and when that happens and the season is rehashed, his play should be considered as one of the reasons they didn't go all the way.  But not the primary reason.  It's just not his fault.

tb727 3/27/2010 11:20:00 AM Edit
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  1. Anonymous says:

    You never cease to amaze me..

  2. tb727 says:

    Yes you too Paul from Vegas...I mean Anonymous.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hear, hear...well put.

  4. Karl says:

    Ya agreed. It's definitely not all Sheed's fault at all and he could do good things for us in the playoffs. I don't think people blame him for the Celtics struggles but just are simply dissapointed that he underachieves. In saying that, i still think it was a good pickup and he has played better lately. Again, I think the issue as in many things in life is all expectations. If you expected the Rasheed of 5 years ago or some guy that was going to give you 100% effort every game you'll be let down. But if you're a realist and knew what was coming this shouldn't be a surprise. Good column TB!

  5. Anonymous says:

    sheed is a five star tool.
    1) terrible from 3 pt
    2) lacks hustle
    3) plays little - no defense
    4) makes too much $$
    5) rondo doesn't like him

  6. JR says:

    Well you know how I feel about the Lazy Chucker, but I will give you credit for not flip flopping and sticking to your guy. You've said he will come up big in the playoffs, so we shall see. I thought you were going to go with the "Good Will Hunting" pic? lol.

  7. tb727 says:

    You're the photoshop expert lol...

  8. ThomasJ says:

    I'm def with JR on this even tho I've been a Sheed fan since his Blazer days.

    I don't blame Sheed any more than I blame Danny for making him the big addition in the offseason or Doc for not confronting him/sitting him for being lazy and chucking up stupid threes at bad times. He is statistically the worst 3 point shooter in the entire league!!! (27.8%) It should only be a last option when the clock is running out.

    I felt early in the year he would flip the switch in the playoffs but that will be hard to do when you are OUT OF SHAPE. There is no excuse for that.

    Please don't mention KG, Paul and Ray in the same breath with him at this point in their careers. They are consummate professionals and are IN SHAPE and committed to winning.

    I've never felt Sheed was the primary reason. Just a major one. He played like this for Detroit last season and I thought when he signed to put on the green and play with three future HOF players he respected he would get his ass in shape and make a commitment to winning.

  9. ThomasJ says:

    TB, Paul will always has more lift than Glen Davis. Scal has more lift than Glen. Doc has more lift after a bad call.

  10. tb727 says:

    I see your points Thomas, personally I don't get the entire "not in shape thing." I think it's tough for someone like me or you to determine that watching on a TV screen. Does Rasheed loaf out there on some of the fast breaks? Yes he does but I constantly see Rondo yelling at ALL his teammates to catch up to him on fastbreaks.

    I don't think fans have the prerogative to make that presumption on who is in shape and who is not. Let Doc or one of the coaches come out and make that assessment and then I'll believe it. Until then, I'm going to assume Sheed's conditioning is not much different than someone like Scalabrine's.

  11. ThomasJ says:

    Doc said exactly that when Boston played here.(sota) Yes that was back in Nov but I don't see much change since then.

  12. tb727 says:

    Ah ok, I don't recall that. Was that the only time it was mentioned? Or has it been more recently too?

  13. Jenda says:

    tb, you're history guy. You do remember a certain guy, certain player, who was known as Joe Barely Cares, I'm sure you at least know who am I talking about. Well, your protége up there should be called Rasheed Doesn't Give A Flying Fuck. I'd never blame him for the lack of success, nor do I blame him for his technicals - being a really emotive guy myself, that would be hipocrisy, I blame him for his non-existent defense when he's supposed to guard a guy with a ball, I don't buy the whole "out of shape" thing either, I blame him for the fact he simply doesn't sweat at all, he doesn't work.
    You mentioned KG "having repeatedly shown he can't move laterally". Can 'Sheed move laterally? We wouldn't know, he doesn't try to do so on the court. Sheed is 36, is in the NBA for the 14th season, right? Well, guess what? KG is two years younger, that is true. But he's in the NBA for the 14th season as well. Having big issues with his knee, he hustles so much more, rebounds better, scores better and watching him play doesn't cause me nausea. 'Sheeds appearance does. Big time.
    I will never understand why he ever shoots a 3pt shot, while he should be down there like the center he is.
    I hereby pledge to write an article about me being enormously wrong, arogant and stupid and post it to you, if he really picks up his court appearance in the playoffs and I am really, really lazy. That is how sure I am he won't.
    Plus I totally agree with Thomas on the "do not mention" thing.
    It is 4:39 here, consider it a proof of how much this article disturbed me.

  14. Jenda says:

    I will not blame any of you, not even Lazy Chucker (love that nickname, JR) for not reading my previous post. It is longer than it seemed in the little window. lol

  15. ThomasJ says:

    Good post Jenda. The out of shape thing is for real and it shows how much he cares.

    Apparently, Rasheed's passion for the game is as worn out as KGs knee.

    tb, talk to JR inre the Doc comment

  16. tb727 says:

    It disturbs me why people pick on him. What did you really expect from him Jenda?

    Please don't mention any comparison to Joe Barry Carroll. Rasheed's a 4 time all star, 1 time NBA champion (playing a pivotal role) and one of the reasons Ben Wallace won as many Defensive Player of the Year Awards as he did. Rasheed is one of the best big man helpside defenders of the 2000s.

    He's lost a step, just like Pierce, Allen and Garnett. Garnett averages 14 and 7- those are pedestrian numbers. He's not even close to being the 20-10 guy he was earlier in his career. And Sheed's not the 15 and 7 guy he was throughout most of his career.

    If you're going to blame Rasheed for this season, feel free to blame the Big Ticket as well- it's as much his fault as Rasheed's. That was my point.

  17. Jenda says:

    I don't, I DON'T blame him for this season, it's not that bad after all. I blame him for the thing Thomas mentioned. The lack of passion, lack of effort. It's not just his fault when the team loses by double digits. It is his fault however when he doesn't defend a guy and he scores. He just doesn't seem to give a crap about the game.
    I have to say you're right, that my expectations were probably too high for a guy of his age. But if i have had no expectations at all, if I haven't had him remembered as a fearsome defender and a big time shooter from the middle range, I'd still be disappointed by his absolute lack of effort whatsoever. Watching him appear in green for the first time was really sad. I 've read about his lack of defense in the chat every game and didn't believe it untill watching the C's game in TV.

  18. JR says:

    TB, I don't think any of the CelticsLife people have ever said the reason why this team was underperforming was b/c of 'Sheed. I've always stated that health was the key and that we needed a healthier KG and Pierce.

    When a team is underperforming (which they are not anymore by the way) the players who are showing the most I don't give a flying fuck attitude are going to be the ones getting the most heat. Like Mark Blount back in the day. So while you may have read elsewhere someone blaming the Celtics earlier woes all on 'Sheed, I haven't seen it here. I haven't done it. Nor has Karl, Margaret, 3-Toe, FL, Thomas, Jenda, ACF, Jeff, MB, or any other poster/writer on here. In fact Bohemian even wrote a piece defending him.

    I don't blame 'Sheed for accepting the 16 million, or Blount for accepting however many ridiculous millions Danny gave him, or Scal for his 15 million. The next player to turn down a contract saying they don't deserve that much will be the first. That said, 'Sheed is my least favorite player on the team. I still want him to do well, because he's a Celtic. We shall see.

  19. ThomasJ says:

    Quit with the KG/Rasheed comparisons! If Wallace had KGs knee he wouldn't be playing. If KG had Sheeds knee he would still be 20 and 10.

    tb, I'm not denying Sheeds great career. I've been a fan for years. What I blame him for is collecting a big paycheck to be an important part of a championship team and not having the desire to play hard consistently and do the work.

    He knows what it takes to win, where's the pride?

  20. JR says:

    I am all for this knee transplant idea. KG will get the Lazy Chucker's healthy knee and Rasheed will get KG's used and abused knee.

  21. Jenda says:

    how good a knee does a guy need to stand on a 3pt line and watch the others, anyway? lol

  22. ThomasJ says:

    Haha.I stand corrected Jenda, Sheed would still be playing with KGs knee.

    And with the knee transplant would we combine their verbal skills? KGs MF-bombing combined with Sheeds ref baiting and stalking would really be 'where amazing happens'

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ball dont lie

  24. Gil says:

    Cause he's so good down low but likes to stand at the 3-point line he's the Antoine Walker of 2001-2002 coming off the bench that's my reason

  25. William Shatner's Hair Piece says:

    sheed sucks

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