NBA Ramblings- April 25th

Awesome shot by Paul to end Game 3.  If Bean or LeBron make that, it immediately becomes the centerpiece on ESPN.  If you didn't see after the game, I took a screenshot of it above for you to enjoy (notice the small note to the right mentioning Pierce's shot).  Seriously fuck ESPN and their marketing bullshit, kissing the ass of Bean and LeBron at all instances.......For those of you who missed Game 3 of Thunder vs Flakers, the last 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter was the noisiest I've ever seen an arena.  Westbrook posterized Lamar Scrotum, and that was followed up by two 3s from Harden and Durant.  Kevin Harlan and Doug Collins didn't say much during that time, letting the Ford Center's crowd's noise do the talking.  I had goosebumps watching it- awesome stuff at the expense of the Flakers.......And for good measure Craig Sager was equipped with an electronic sound decimal meter of some sorts, which showed the crowd got to 109.  He mentioned Sacramento back in the day being around 102.  Sometimes I wish Celtics fans could be like that and they didn't need that silly noise meter on the big screen to get people motivated.......I find it interesting that while so much of the NBA has preferred going small LAL's usage of 2 legit 7 footers remains so effective.......Incredible how JJ Barea played the entire 2nd half of Game 3 vs the Spurs as Caron Butler sat on the bench.  Furthermore Barea was defending Manu Ginobili for the entire 4th quarter.  Excuse me Rick Carlisle but are you trying to lose the series?