Celtics show up tonight, defeat Bucks 105-90

With the 2009/2010 Jekyll and Hyde Celtics you never know what to expect. Tonight we got the good version as they brought the effort and defeated the Bucks 105-90. This could very well be our first round opponent and the game had that playoff atmosphere. Pierce led the Celtics with 24 points. Rondo had a 15/9/5 line and Baby and Rasheed both chipped in with 12 and 7.
  • No Garnett as he sat out to rest (Doc talks decision to  rest KG). Expect him to sit out one or both of the final two games.
  • Pierce's midrange game was ON
  • Bill Rafferty was an awesome replacement for Tommy. He obviously did his homework prior to the game. He flowed well with Mike (former NCAA partners) and threw out a couple of his classic "with a kiss" calls and used "sticktoitwithness" as well. He saved his best line for last. In describing a Rondo highlight: "A little lingerie on the deck."
  • Gorman again mention Perk's tendinitis. Why is he playing? Play Baby. Play Shelden. play Scal if you need to. Celtics need a 100% healthy Perkins. He finished with 0 points and 5 rebounds tonight. With a 50% Perkins our defense isn't the same. He needs to be the anchor.
  • Loved the "Jerry Jerry" chant when Stackhouse and Pierce got into it. Bucks have a good crowd. i like the chants and horn in the crowd. Has an international flavor.
  • With all the boos after Skiles got ejected, Celtics thought they were in Boston.
  • Rondo paid homage to former Celtic great Gerald Green with his headband positioning tonight.
  • Tony had a solid game, but Doc thankfully gave Nate the backup point guard minutes.
  • Rasheed's 3 offensive rebounds essentially matches his total since the All-Star break (Kidding... barely).
  • Game ended with a Nate 3 pointer "with a kiss." Fitting.
Let's see if we get Jekyll or Hyde against Chicago.