Hopes for the Second Half

Stop whining Rasheed!

It's been an up and down season thus far for the Celtics. They started out hot, hit a small rough patch, reeled off a long winning streak, then hit another extended rough patch. Now here we are in the second half of the season.  Obviously the Celtics need to play better than they have recently to beat the Cavs, Lakers, Magic, and Hawks.  One of the big questions is can they do it with the current team assembled.  I think they need to make at least one move, even if it is something small .  The Celtics brass likes to say that when healthy this team has what it takes to win a title, but the reality is they probably will never be totally healthy. Below are a list of things I hope to see out of the Celtics and around the league in the second half of the season.
  • Rondo needs to stay healthy. If he ever gets injured we are done and it is really that simple.
  • Improved play from Rasheed Wallace. I've been saying it all year and have pretty much given hope, but if he can one day wake up and realize shooting 6 threes a game is not a good thing for the team we have a chance. Also, stop all the whining will you.  Instead of complaining about every call get your ass down low and start making turn around jumpers. I'm so sick of it.
  • Get a back up PG or defensive minded swing man to back up Rondo and spell Ray and Pierce.
  • Improved free throw shooting from Rondo and Perk.
  • Ray Allen's three point stroke coming back to what it once was.
  • KG staying healthy and getting his legs back. He'll probably never be the same KG he was in 2008 but I'll take 80% of that guy.
  • Improved play from Big Baby and more consistency from TA and Eddie House.  We really need Big Baby to contribute more offensively and start hitting that mid range jumper again.  Eddie and TA have played well at times, but need to be more consistent and bring it every night.
  • Amare Stoudemire NOT going to the Cavs. If this trade happens and Lebron stays healthy, which he will because I'm pretty sure he's a robot, the rest of the league doesn't have a chance.
  • Kobe suffering a season ending injury(I know it's cruel but don't tell me you aren't thinking the same thing)
What do you all hope for in the second half? Do you still think the Celtics can compete for a title? Personally, I just feel thankful the Celtics are in the discussion and I can watch them in the playoffs every year.  I remember a time not too long ago when that wasn't the case.  Go Celtics!