Celtics Survive Clippers & Wet Floor

Let's start off by getting this clear: if the Celtics play Orlando, Atlanta, and the Flakers like they did the Clippers tonight, they'll lose all 3 games.
  • As you can see from the below article Gary Tanguay's commenting skills are horrendous.  I'll leave it at that for the purposes of this article.
  • Chris Kaman looks like a prime candidate for Rogaine.  Remember when Karl Malone used to do those commercials (that Clyde Drexler should've done too)?  Then he just shaved it. Kaman's got to pick a direction.
    • Speaking of Kaman if he had even a decent game tonight Boston probably would've lost.  He was 5-19 from the field.
  • Eddie House must lead the NBA in 2 pointers made with a foot on the 3 point line.  This stat really ought to be kept track of if it's not already.  I think he had 2 of those tonight.
  • Is their an NBA Assistant Coach that stands up more than John Lucas?  Holy crap is that annoying!  Sure Thibs does it some time towards the end of games but then again Thibs is an "Associate Head Coach."  Where's Whistling Phil when you need him to give Lucas the D'Antoni Treatment?
  • For those who missed this one there was all types of condensation issues on the floor.  For those who missed this one you also didn't get to see Craig Smith turn into Moses Malone in the 4th quarter.  The guy was unstoppable, at one point scoring 10 straight points and keeping the Clippers in the game.
  • Say what you want, but I'd rather have Ricky Davis than Tony Allen.  He's just a more polished all around player despite his best days being behind him.
  • C's missed 11 more free throws tonight.  Without looking at the team stats, they're slowly moving their way down the list of Team FT%.  Can Tony Allen or Perkins make 2 in a row anymore?
  • Outrebounded again in this one (48-43) including giving up 11 offensive rebounds.  Pat Riley equated rebounding to rings.  Here's hoping this trend is curtailed soon.
  • One positive trend is this is the first time the Celtics have held opposing teams to under 40% shooting for consecutive games in awhile.  Coincidental because of KG's return?  I think not.
Celtics got no help from Miami (Wade missed a last second shot to beat the Cavs) or Rockets (who played to their talent level against the Hawks) but did benefit from Orlando losing to the Grizzlies.