Gary Tanguay is an Abomination; Please Complain to CSNNE

I'm even dumber than I look

With Paul Pierce looking gimpy, the Celtics unable to rebound or make free throws, the Ray Allen for Monta Ellis rumor out there, you'd think there'd be certain things on my mind more than Gary Tanguay.  The sad truth is, his presence during the Celtics-Clippers game was so pathetically overbearing that it needs its own article.

Mike Gorman was not there tonight, for reasons unknown to me.  Tanguay was the replacement.  Has this guy ever watched a basketball game?  No sense for the flow of the game, this guy made Dick Stockton look like a broadcasting genius.  Please Celtics fans we cannot accept this moving forward.  If Mike's not there, there's got to be someone more tolerable to listen to.  Here's my email to Comcast Sports:

I'm an enormous Celtics fan and love listening to Tommy and Mike on NBA League Pass, which I've been getting for the past 5 NBA Seasons.  Gary Tanguay was the replacement for Mike Gorman tonight and was an atrocity.  Has this guy ever watched a basketball game?  His "insight" was forced, he made little to no sense in anything he was talking about and he was constantly off on his calls.  He brought nothing of any value to the game.  When the floor was slippery he said "that's an ankle waiting to happen."  That's not even English.

I'm not sure if he was nervous or not but I have infinite amounts of praise for Mike and Tommy; they're the best announcers I've heard throughout the league.  I recommend finding a replacement or switching to the radio guys next time if Mike Gorman is unable to be there.  Tanguay needs to be as far away from an NBA microphone as possible, until he gets a clue about what he's watching.

I encourage you to all file similar complaints here.  This cannot go on ever again.