I Belong in Boston

I went to Boston last weekend to visit college friends and had a blast.  After I got off the plane Thursday night at Logan Airport, I immediately saw a Dunkin Donuts and felt at home.  I grew up in the DC area and love it here, but I feel like Boston is where I will end up eventually. Let's face it, a red headed, brutally honest, hardcore sports fan like me doesn't belong anywhere else. Hell, Sam Adams is even my favorite beer.

The people of Boston live and die with their sports teams just like me. Friday night I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express across from the Banknorth Garden and ate at a Celtics and Bruins restaurant called Halftime Pizza. It was such a great feeling being around people that loved the Celtics as much as I did. Pictures of Larry Legend, Bill Russell, and Brian Scalabrine adorned the walls.  Celtic green was everywhere, and you could feel the excitement in the air for the upcoming game.  As much as I love repping Boston sports in DC, being around people that share your passions is a great feeling. 

Boston gets a bad rap sometimes for being front runners, but that is simply not the case.  There are only a few cities in America that are more hardcore about their sports teams than Boston.  My parents always used to wonder why I would revolve my day around Celtics or Patriots games.  Maybe it is ridiculous to the casual fan, but to Boston fans it is a way of life.

The people of Boston may come across as angry or mean at first glance, but in reality they are honest people who will tell you what they think to your face.  That is what I love about them. With Bostonians, what you see is what you get.  Plus, given the weather there, I think they have a right to be short tempered every once in awhile.

Boston is a beautiful city filled with passionate people.  Maybe that is why so many people that are born in the area stay there.  Some of my best times in my life have been in that city, and something tells me at some point I will be back.