Ok now let's go get a couple more championships

The Celtics and Rajon Rondo have agreed on a contract extension that will pay the 23-year-old point guard some $55 million over five years, beginning with the 2010-11 season, a source confirmed to the Herald early this morning.
Yahoo first reported this and say its for at least 55 million. Rondo wanted 50 million in the Spring, but the C's spent the Summer bashing him instead of making him feel welcome and working on a deal. Rondo's agent said at the time that was the wrong way to go and he was right. Then about a week ago the C's offered 45 million and Rondo's agent countered with 55-60 million, which essentially the Celtics have agreed to. Obviously you simply have to keep Rondo, so Celtics fans should be thrilled. I don't want to hear next Summer though that the C's have lost Marquis over a couple million. The extra 10 million that the C's are paying Rondo now has to be looked to as a sunk cost by Wyc and Ainge and hopefully a lesson learned. Now let's concentrate on getting a couple more banners...and resigning Perk.