Thankful to be a Celtics Fan

After five months, opening night is finally here and I couldn't be more excited.  Not being able to watch the Celtics during the preseason, it will be the first time I see Sheed, Marquis, and the other new additions in a live game.  I don't know what to expect, but I know the Celtics will be in contention for a title. 

I couldn't say that for most of my life.  In fact, up until the news of KG being signed a couple years ago, I didn't know when I would be able to realistically expect a title from my favorite sports team.  I think a lot of people in Boston forget how lucky we are just to have the Celtics back as one of the top teams in the league.  We look at Big Baby's injury or Rondo's contract issues. We look at the fact that we still have Tony Allen on the team.  We forget that over 25 other fan bases would kill for a team like the Celtics have.

Five years ago a championship was a pipe dream, but now we expect it.  It's good to have high expectations, but remember where this franchise was and how far it has come.  So, please everyone just sit back, relax, and appreciate the fact that you get to root for the greatest franchise in sports!

Things I'm most looking forward to this year:

KG back healthy and dominant as ever
Perk's angry scowl
Rondo getting triple doubles
Pierce hitting fade aways
The cheers of Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! in the Garden
Ray Allen's smooth jumper
Scalabrini's head band
Sheed, Garnett, and Perk making opponents cry

What are you all most looking forward to this year?