NBA News: Captain Crazy

 How long before Stephen Jackson pulls a Sprewell on Don Nelson's neck? In a battle not to be outdone by Marbury in the crazy rankings, Jackson keeps spewing nonsense. There's a ton in this article, including Jackson claiming he's as good as (we don't type his name here) Bryant, but this was my favorite quote from the Contra Costa Times article:
“Nobody reacted but me so the team didn’t have a reaction. It was only me standing up for myself. I don’t think anybody else stood up for me. But if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have stood up for somebody on my team. And they didn’t do the same for me.”
Yes we know Stephen, you'd have no problem doing anything for your teammates, but does Monta Ellis have to punch a fan in the stands to show he has your back? I think the fact that none of your teammates are ripping you for being a jerk shows great discipline. You think Nelson would trade Captain Crazy back to Indy for Murphy and Dunleavy right about now?