Magic and Isiah definitely aren't buddy buddy anymore

Ian Thomsen has a lengthy piece on CNNSI today about a feud between Magic and Thomas. It's a very interesting read and pretty explosive. Talks of Olympic snubs, Jordan freezing, back stabbing, sexuality rumors, and much more. This is coming about because Magic blasted Isiah in his new book and Isiah is "tired of getting punched and people using me because they think I'm not going to say anything. Those days are over. Game on.'' Some Celtics related stuff by Isiah:
For as hard as we played against the Celtics, I think we had a very personal relationship with them. They admired that we were trying to be like them. And we all said, to this day, they were the team that taught us, and everything the Pistons were, we took from their playbook.''

You can read the piece and decide who's side you're taking, but don't expect many kisses from these old friends anytime soon.