Do the Celtics need Big Baby?

I hate it when people draw conclusions about a team or player too early. However, in the case of Big Baby, I think it is warranted.  The Celtics have looked outstanding the past two nights.  Sure, they beat an NBDL team in the Bobcats last night, but still anytime you hold an NBA team to under 60 points it is impressive. The much maligned Sheldon Williams had another stellar game, and looks to be more than just a fill in for the injured and now suspended Glen Davis.  The question is, do we need Big Baby when he is ready to come back in the second half of the season?
It is impossible to tell if Sheldon Williams will keep this up, but here are the reasons why I think he might.  First off is all the talent around him.  He isn't being asked to do too much, and thus the pressure if off.  Secondly, he has something to prove.  Coming out of Duke as the #5 pick he was expected to be a star, but was labeled as a bust after his first few years. Now he has the chance to prove his detractors wrong.  Third, the guy is talented.  You don't get drafted #5 and star on a great Duke team if you don't have some skills. We aren't asking this guy to carry the team, just grab 5 or 6 boards, and score 8-10 points a game.  Plus, don't forget the fact that he still needs to prove he is better than his wife at basketball. 

As for Big Baby, he played great last year especially in the playoffs.  However, remember that he was playing 30 plus minutes, allowing him to gain a rhythm.  When he wasn't playing as many minutes, he wasn't as effective. Some players are just better as starters than they are as bench guys.  I think Big Baby could fit this mold.  Also, think about the needs the Celtics have.  In my opinion, we might be better off trading Davis and getting a solid veteran point guard or wing defender in return.

As I said before, with the season being so young it is impossible to really tell anything at this point. However, it is still an interesting topic to ponder.  I am going to be in Boston from tonight to Sunday morning.  Can't wait to be back with all my fellow Celtics fans!