Celtics/Cavs Box & Bullets

Box Score
  • Celtics 96 Cavs 82
  • Cavs were playing their starters and to win and couldn't come back against a line-up with Hudson, Giddens, and Williams
  • 21 for Eddie House
  • Shelden Williams knocked Mo to the floor after Mo tried to act tough and bump him
  • Tommy on Daniels: "Pierce is a power driver. This guy is a nifty driver."
  • Marquis Daniels with 17. Three Toe: "I'm going to admit. He's nasty." New nickname: Marquis "Nasty" Daniels. 
  • Gorman: "Cleveland defense getting waxed." And that was without Ray, KG, and Baby and Pierce only playing 13 mins.
  • Tommy after Daniels scores again on Jamario Moon: "Moon setting in the west." Lol. Does the moon set? Love Tommy though. Please do as many games as possible.
  • Mike and Tommy were making fun of Lebron and all the calls he gets and how he whines to the refs. Tommy: "Kiss his rings." Mike: "He doesn't have any." Awesome.
  • 'Sheed doing his best Antoine Walker impersonation with all the three chucking, though his defense down low looked better and I love the "Ball don't lie" on Z's missed free throw
  • Hudson is a player. Nice late pick.
  • Jury's still out on Giddens, but he looks better than last year.
  • Leon Powe looked really sad on the Cleveland bench. He should still be in Boston!
  • Shelden can play a little defense, but his jumper doesn't look so hot.
  • Shaq actually payed well, but he's huge. He'll probably be out injured by December 1st.
  • Pierce had 11 points in 13 minutes and expect some big games from Paul versus Cleveland this year.
  • On to the real season.