What Happened to the Magic of Banner 17?

You remember June 17th, 2008. The night when the C’s won Banner 17. You were either at the game, watching it on TV, or listening to it on the radio and you felt something inside of you. And that something is still inside of you and it is inside of the Celtic players too. That something was the magic you felt when you heard of the trades for Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and all the way to the raising of the Banner.

But somewhere during last season it got lost. Not only in you, but also in the Celtic players. It was probably when KG got injured, or when we lost to the Lakers on our home court but nobody knows. I believe that the return of KG and the lessons we have learned through all the suffering we went through last year will bring a return to the magic. But one can only hope. Here’s to us Celtic Fans and the C’s themselves getting back the magic of Banner 17 and having it help lead us to Banner Number 18!