Hey Celtics fans in Hungary. celticslife.com has had 79,624 visits from Hungary since we originated in September 2009, which lands you at #17 on our list, aka the Hondo spot. Similar to Argentina, I also have some roots in Hungary. My grandmother was half Hungarian and as a little girl my mom and her parents lived briefly in Budapest. I visited that beautiful city as a child myself.

Pretty sure the Celtics have never had a player from Hungary, but I wonder if they've had an American from Hungarian descent? If they have, please fill me in!

Please feel free to leave a comment and tell us a little bit about yourself. How you became a Celtics fan? Where in Hungary you're representing? How you found out about celticslife.com and when you first started frequenting the site? Maybe a pic of you in some Celtics gear. You know, all that good stuff.

Shoutout to all the Celtics fans Bleeding Green in Hungary!

Edit 4/15/2020
Thanks ge from the Shout Box for finding this on Brett Szabo, which confirms that the Celtics have had at least one player of Hungarian heritage: https://goaugie.com/hof.aspx?hof=211

We hit a milestone when we passed the 100 million views mark last season. But the thing is only 64% of our page views come from United States viewers. We are giving shoutouts to the top 20 countries represented on Celtics Life based on analytics. Check in for the next twenty days to see where your country lands in the top 20. And if you are from that country or connected in anyway, please drop a comment with your story. Would love to see faces and words from all these Celtics Lifers that have visited the blog all these years.

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