Prior to the preseason Brad Stevens stated that part of the Celtics offensive philosophy would be reducing the amount of long 2 point attempts, and focusing even more on turning those into 3 point shots. For all Boston fans, the first player that came to mind was Avery Bradley. While he is very good at that shot, and certain situations will still allow him to take it, as a fan you hope his offense doesn't suffer for it.

Two games into the preseason it seems his offense will actually thrive because of it. Bradley is 7-8 on his 3 point attempts, and they have all come from the corners. This is obviously a tiny sample size, and that pace won't continue, but it is extremely encouraging.

The corner 3 could be a huge weapon for Bradley throughout this season. The corners are the only spot on the floor that are a similar distance to that long 2 pointer that he thrives on, yet it is worth 3 points. That is a distance he is extremely comfortable shooting from.

He has yet to attempt a 3 from above the wings, and he certainly will have to prove to defenses that he can make that shot, but as far as philosophy and instinct go it appears he is buying in to Brad Stevens offense and is darting to those corners if they are available in transition.

ESPN's Chris Forsberg had a great point in his post, and it's that this approach is very similar to how Bradley began his career, and has strayed from over the last few seasons.
The early returns during Boston's European vacation suggest Bradley has embraced returning to his roots. He's quickly developed chemistry with slick-passing big man David Lee and that has generated layups off backdoor cuts. And Bradley is running to the corners again and waiting for open looks off ball movement. Back in 2011-12, 64.8 percent of Bradley's 3-pointers came in the corner and he shot 40.7 percent that season. Last season, a career-low 35.8 percent of his 3-point attempts came from the corner and his percentage dipped to 35.2 percent overall.

So maybe this approach isn't so foreign to him after all. Also, with Forsberg referencing the chemistry between Bradley and Lee, it's a reminder that when a capable passer is in the game, Bradley is very effective as a cutter. He used to do he same with Rondo, and Lee can make many of those same passes in the half court, and they can be even more effective from where Lee sets up in the high post.

As far as this season goes, I'm as excited for Bradley as he, the Celtics resident optimist, is for the team.

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Chris Thompson 10/09/2015 11:55:00 AM Edit
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