Boston Celtics rookie performance reveals those whipper snappers are pretty darn good

Each year, before the season comes the preseason.

Am I going too fast?

And that handful of games provides an opportunity for coaches to assess their players, determine lineups, develop and fine tune plays, etc.

Each fan must remind themselves that the goal is not always victory, which is often a tough pill to swallow.

The first halves of preseason games can be fools gold, as starters often find success that the oncoming crew of newbies cannot match.

But the Boston Celtics are finding no such drop off.

In their recent victory of Real Madrid, the men in green went to battle near the end with a lineup comprised mostly of men who were just barely old enough to vote in the last Presidential election.

Their efforts were the highlight of the fourth quarter and were colored with a mix of hustle rebounds, precision picks and rolls and exact outside shooting.

A notable exception being James Young who was, well. You know. Young.

But with men in his same demographic (albeit a bit older and with perhaps a couple more chest hairs) outperforming him, it's no stretch to assume James must be feeling the urgency.

For example, Terry Rozier had 14 points in 16 minutes on 6-8 from the field including 2-3 from three. James Young was 1-3, all from three, in 14 minutes.

Time will tell whether Brad Stevens puts his trust in his young, and whether Young is among that young.

But with the purposes of preseason in mind, they all had a chance to strut their stuff with an energy and upside that might make this a magical season.

And that's the kind of thing that never gets old.

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